The Tale of the Pine Cone |

Dec 8, 2012

The Tale of the Pine Cone

Can I have a soundtrack to my life, ... or?
Here we go again. All the sweet tea to whoever knows the epic song that came on the radio as the pine cone story took place: "I'm gonna take you places money don't go/ I'm gonna teach you what a country boy knows/ I'm gonna cover you in diamonds and dust/When the stars fall on Moonshine Road."

Y'all, let me start at the beginning so you understand how these stories come about. 

I moved back home after college. (Yes, people in Texas ask lots of questions when you are over 23 and not married or in a serious relationship) I swore I wouldn't be here long. (Who was I kiddin' in this economy) Don't get me wrong cause I love my kiddos in the after school program, but when I walked across the stage and received my diploma this is not what I envisioned. (Plus I need to make more so I can support myself better and move out) Just remember if you are hiring, I'm all yours. This causes me to be around my hometown a lot and this is how my cray stories come about

Ok, on to the story!

At church last weekend we had an appreciation lunch after service. Momma fell in love with the decorations and wanted to duplicate them. Momma, had her monthly Leader Meeting for Girl Scouts the wednesday after. This particular meeting was also the Christmas party. The basis of the decorations involved pine cones. She was adamant about it looking a certain way. (I self diagnosed my momma with OCD) 

Needless to say after making a few phone calls I was instructed on how to make the decorations. I called one of my momma's best friends cause she usually has random things like pine cones but she didn't. She told me of a few places in town where I could find them lying on the ground. (Obviously I didn't find them. If I had y'all know there would be no cray cray story) So the next day, Tuesday, I drove all over town with the seester and will still could not find any darn pine cones. (What good is all the nature we have...) I decided to drive a few backroads behind my house headed towards Sachse and Wylie (Headed towards the country) 

I kid y'all not, we hit the country line for Sachse and Wylie headed out to the Farm Roads and what do we see. Y'all guessed it, PINE CONES. My seester jumps out the car and starts throwing them in a bag. We were only able to nab seven cause the rest were behind a fence in this older mans yard. We take them home all excited only to have Momma flip cause she needed 20. (If y'all could have seen my face)

So the next day I had to take the seester to Dallas for a test. Afterwards we headed to Michael's cause Momma swore you could buy pine cones in the bag. (I prefer Hobby Lobby but there wasn't one close) Oh, you can buy pine cones from the craft store all right, but they're a dollar a pine cone. And they were fuchsia pink. This elderly white lady comes up to us, with a THICK Texas accent, and goes, "Baby don't y'all waste your money on that. I have so many in my yard. Y'all better drive around and pick those." (It took all of me to smile and say yes ma'am.)

We ended up buying some wreath trinkets and a few of the small pine cones that were Christmas colors. I was determined to come up with something better.

Y'all see the Seven, count 'em SEVEN pine cones we found. I tried to spruce them up with glitter spray.

I laid all the supplies I thought I'd need and I was ready to go. I quickly found out that I would not have the time before work to do exactly what Momma wanted and the meeting/party was that night. I ended up making my own things and this is how they turned out.

I texted these pics to my momma and she was all upset that it didn't look like she wanted. 

I showed up at the event to help and this is how everything turned out. 

It turned out so cute and Momma ended up apologizing. I win. But y'all know the best part about it was the free food. Man those ladies could cook. I also ended up winning some cupcake supplies. (I'm obsessed with making cupcakes)

Random: Went shopping with the seester yesterday and we found some of the cutest things for the girl we adopted from the Angel Tree.  From the list we got her a Bible, some shoes (the seester works at a kids shoe store), jewelery, purse with a matching wallet from Justice,(10 yr olds shop there don't they), Selena Gomez Music, and a doll.

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