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Aug 24, 2015

Maple Holistics

Ya know, one of those disclaimers where I promise all opinions are my own, I won't giveaway your info without permission and I'll disclose all affiliate links. 

Excuse me while I tell y'all about my quest not to be ratchet. So, I don't know if I've mentioned it often but I'm on a continuous quest not to be ratchet. HA! Holy repeatin' myself but I gotta keep y'all's amusement. I know y'all are all, "gurrlll if ya don't get to the point!" So I will.

A few years back I decided to go natural with my hair, I don't mention it much cause I 'm not as fabulous as those bloggers who've mastered the art of natural hair. It takes work and knowin' your hair/diet etc. One of the main reasons I decided to go natural is cause I was diagnosed with Psoriasis of the Scalp. Trust it sounds worse than it is. Basically, my scalp is dry and itchy. I'm not talkin' dandruff dry. I'm talk like real dry, itchy and flaky and not much can be done. The biggest thing doctors recommend is a change and diet. I saw the no spicy food and was to through, y'all. To through. *pause* By natural I mean I try and keep chemicals off my scalp. So no Perms/Relaxers etc.

While on the  quest I have been unsuccessfully goin' through products that will not make my hair drier than it already is and or tangle it or leave it to greasy. For a wile I was usin' this Tea Tree oil but my hair stayed a mess and I was always shame so I stopped buyin' the overpriced product. Enter Maple Holistics. When they contacted me I was brushin' my shoulder off and feelin' all fabulous. And then my Momma goes, "Maybe they saw that ratchet head. Felt bad and wanted to help." Thanks Momma.  Well, they told me about all the natural products they sold and I was curious.

All I told them was no Mangoes (on account of them bein' out  to get me) I may or may not have mentioned I love Tea Tree Oil. Well, they sent these lovely goodies my way while I was away takin' care of Grandma Johnnie. I'd been itchin' to try them. Wannabe pun intended. So, as soon as I got back home I did just that. I mean I couldn't go get sworn in as a Dallas CASA lookin' the way I was lookin'.

Lemme tell y'all what I love about this shampoo and conditioner. I love that it was BPA free. I also love how yummy it smelled. I know that's odd but work with me y'all. But, I especially loved how my hair wasn't drier than normal or as tangled. If y'all only knew how much of a problem that normally is for me. Especially in this Texas heat, I ain't tryin' to scratchin' all day but I also don't wanna be lookin' like a drowned rat.

So this is what I'mma need y'all to do. Go show Edumuch some love as a thank you for partnerin' with Maple Holistics to send me all the products. Then go show Maple Holistics.

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