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Aug 11, 2015


Thanks to Yoplait for sponsorin' this post.
It's been forever and a day since I did a Down South Post. For all the new frans around this blog let me explain. Usually I do them on Saturday sometimes durin' the week like today. It's where I show y'all things I'ml  lovin' or what I used to get through the day. I felt today was perfect to do one.

I was lookin' back on my first DownSouthSaturday post and I cam across this line: "As Ellie King Ex's and Oh's played in my head all weekend. Where did I even first hear her at? Who really cares? Elle King should be heard by all. What y'all do this weekend? What songs are stuck on repeat?" If that's not a lesson on never givin' up I don't know what is. Since that song is just now makin' it's way to local radio. And I know y'all are wonderin' what I'm listenin' to now. Southern Style by Darius Rucker.

Photos: My new Vera Bradley Shopper Tote/// Maple Holistic Shampoo and Conditioner- More on this good stuff next week /// My new Influence earrings/// Cold Brew Coffee. I know y'all seen all my post on social media about all the different ones i've been tryin'/// Yoplait  Plenti Yogurt. It be all up in my belly. 

Current Obession: Y'all should know by now I've been takin' care of Grandma Johnnie and stayin' with her. If you haven't seen all my social media post, I don't know what you've been doin' with your life. I feel like i've been runnin' ragged this past week and a half watcin' her and rotatin' with family in between work and other obligations. Grandma Johnnie needs round the clock care and direction. But as bestfran reminded me last night, "If you've lived to 86 I think you earned gettin' to do what you want." Plus, I've had loads of fun.  I was recently introduced to Yoplait Plentiful Greek Yogurt and I have fallen in love. What I really love is how it already has all the good stuff, whole grain oats, pumpkin seeds and flax are already in it. It has been a great pick me up as I've been runnin' this past week or so. I also love how few calories etc it has in it. Evn Grandma Jhonnie could enjoy this with her daily breakfast.  Y'all know Instagram is another thing I'm lovin' as of late. Follow Plenti Yogurt on  Instagram and get all the latest and greatest.  


  1. I love those earrings!

  2. "If you've lived to 86 I think you earned gettin' to do what you want." I totally agree with these words...lol. And I love your tote!

  3. Never tried that brand of yogurt. Interesting post! I am a co-host as well! Fun times!

  4. Never tried that brand! Awesome! I am also co-hosting! Fun times!!

  5. Definitely going to look for Plenti yogurt...look yummy


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