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Sep 26, 2017

Enchanted Rock + Beef Quinoa Stew

Enchanted Rock State Park
Welcome to the land of the people and internet. I imagine that's what Y'all tell me as you read this blog post. It's been great to be among the civilized and away from hurricane damage and animals. For those who didn't catch on Instagram: I've been away the last week in Victoria Texas helpin' with Hurricane Harvey cleanup. More on that in a week or so when I've collected my thoughts, and my heart has healed and I return from campin' with the Bison. Friday I turn 30 and I'll be spendin' it in Caprock Canyon campin' with Bision. I can't even contain my excitement. 

But, let's talk about campin' at Enchanted Rock. As the Harvey trip winded down Avery and I drove the few hours over to Enchanted Rock. Enchanted Rock is Number one on my #TravelinTexan Bucket List. Located in the hill country on the backside of Fredericksburg Texas, Enchanted Rock is just a short drive from Austin off HWY 190 on Ranch Road 965. We pulled into the small state park just a few moments after sunset. We opted to car camp because we were far too lazy, tired and it was far too dark to pitch a tent. Even with a flashlight. We munched on snacks and watched a Medea movie before sleep overtook us. And maybe I had forgot the matches for the MSR Pocket Rocket stove we were gonna cook our TruRoots Quiona a stew on.

We rose early the next mornin' determined to clean out the car and get on the trails.  Short moments later we were dressed and ready for the trek. Enchanted Rock State Park
Enchanted Rock State Park
Enchanted Rock State Park
Enchanted Rock State Park
Admittedly I wanted to hike the loop trail, a short walk that goes around the campus of Enchanted Rock. Quickly, we realized it would not take us to the summit of the rock, and we didn't drive this far only to see the outer edges. 

So, we opted for the shorter Summit Trial. Lookin' back my body thanks me. After a week in Victoria Texas guttin' houses and lovin' on fellow Texans displaced by the hurricane, our bodies were exhausted physically and emotionally. 

The hike up was short but steep. We stopped a few times to enjoy the breeze and catch our breath. What should have taken 45 minutes or so up took us an hour because were playin' around on the rock. Hey, when you take bloggers hikin' it's never as short as expected. 

We reached the top and marveled at the beauty. A quick spin and you can see a full 360 of the Texas Hill Country. It's breathtakin', and I can only imagine its beauty in the spring with the bluebonnets and lavender are in bloom.

Hikin' down, we found ourselves a bit confused on which way to go. Avery hasn't hiked much, but I have, and the first thing taught is to never stray from the path or trail. I found myself continually fussin', "get back over here. Stop that!" in hindsight his innocent amusement was endearin'.  We came upon trail markers, and I opted to take the path. Avery was resistant because it didn't' seem the way down. I kept expain' that you shouldn't stray from a trail. Moments later we came upon a lady who knew the rock in depth and showed us just beyond a ridge how there was a smaller path that would lead us down and that the trail we were on would take us back on the other side of the rock and then down. We thanked her and continued onward. 
TruRoot Quiona
TruRoot Quiona
TruRoot Quiona
TruRoot Quiona
TruRoot Quiona

We left Enchanted Rock and headed the few miles to Llano Texas. BBQ was in our future. Number seven on my Texas Bucket List to be exact. We'd see as much as the day would allow and needed to get on the road as we have a drive ahead of us. Before we hit the road stopped at the closest Target, we could find and purchased a few items. The plan was to try out the new MSR Pocket Rocket stove and make a Brisket Quinoa Stew for dinner at a rest stop halfway between the Hill Country and Dallas. 

We stopped at my favorite rest stop just outside of Waco Texas and made a lovely feast. So hearty after spednin' the week cleanin' houses and campin'.  A much-welcomed meal that I'm sure will become a staple of my campin' diet. I already have plans to make it again this weekend when we camp caprock. TruRoot Quiona

1 cup of Bone Broth
1 cup of Water 
1/2 cup of diced tomates 
3 TBS  Chili Powder
3 strips of Brisket
1 small packaged of mixed Veggies

1. On a camp stove bring to a boil water, TruRoots Quiona, bone broth and diced tomatoes.
2. Add in the Brisket.
3. Stir in chili powder and mixed veggies.
4. Let cook for 25 minutes until TruRoots Quiona begins to puff. 

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