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Mar 16, 2018


I've never been much for a set beauty routine or must have product. To be quiet honest, I have sensitive skin, so I try and keep harsh chemicals and makeup away. That's how I keep my skin in such flawless shape. No, really, I didn't get my first breakout till a couple of months ago.  I suppose it's all that time spent in the Texas sun hikin' and campin'.Sun, as well as the Texas elements, can be quite harsh on your face, and it's caused me to look into how I refresh and take care of my skin when I return from long weekends away in the wilderness or generally explorin' Texas.

Recently I've gotten into the Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask and Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips. As a teenager, I spent half the year in the Texas Sun doin' marchin' band. You don't even want to know the sweat and how dry your skin gets. I tried Biore in high school and loved that my skin didn't feel dry after a wash.
I always seem to find myself travelin' or campin'. I spend more time in my car on sone lone Texas backroad than I do in my house. Havin' a product that is compact is always a must, and I enjoy that this product is so at a budget-friendly price point. I enjoy that the mask doesn't take longer than I minute and than I am off to finish the day. Yes, please.

I never struggled with acne or blackheads as a youngin', but as I've grown older, the breakouts have come. As of late blackheads or the pain in my side. When I used the Pore strips, I was more than thrilled with how clean my face felt afterward. 
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