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Feb 20, 2018

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®

This post is sponsored by Jimmy Dean® Brand, but the content and opinions are my own.

I found myself in a soul cycle spin class just tryin' to keep up. I pretended not to die as the class ended and I walked over to the water machine and grabbed a piece of fruit that sat nearby. A friend hollered out, "let's all take a group picture and post it as a thank you for them lettin' us have a free class." I chuckled as I recently walked over. "My edges ain't laid," I mumble as I tried to pat down my sweaty hair. 

A lady walked over as the photo ended and smiled. I think I follow you on Instagram she shyly rambled. I pretended not to listen. Didn't she hear me mumble my edges ain't laid? She continued, "Yes, I know I follow you. You are Glitz somethin'. You're always at that campin' store filmin' about your next adventure." I smiled before shakin' her hand. She wanted to know about my next adventure. We chatted for minutes before I awkwardly thanked her for the support. Always awkward puttina face to that number behind the screen.

The conversation had been much of the same lately. Plan a campin' trip or Texas adventure. Never in one place long,everythin' done at a rapid pace. Breakfast and exercise are now a priority to keep my strength in between so many experiences. 

Never one to sit still long, meals such a breakfast have become quick as I pour coffee and rush out the door. In came Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®. For years on end now my sister has stocked the freezer with Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®Bowls. I, not patient enough for an oven always frowned at her as I skipped on. 

I suppose I've taken a likin' to the Jimmy Dean SimpleScrambles® because they are quick and easy. It also helps that I can purchase them at my local Walmart in the meat section. Real food that I can cook in the microwave in a few minutes and then get out on the trails. Currently, much of the day in between bloggin' is spent preparin' for a trip to Hempstead Texas to help with some Hurricane rebuildin' on a local farm and a hike up Emory in Big Bend. Emory is the second largest peak in Texas and weathering premitin' we'll summit it before spring hits, and the harsh Texas sun makes it unsafe. 

What have Y'all been up to the start of this year? What are Y'alllovin' for breakfast?


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