Howard's Catfish Cafe |

Dec 4, 2014

Howard's Catfish Cafe


*Rushes out the front door* 
"You gon put me on Facebook?" 
"I can", I reply. "But actually we are lookin' for someone."
*Begins to describe couple*
"Oh, yes... they come every Sunday. You just missed 'em"
"Then I guess we'll eat", I reply.
Ms, Chris looks back down at my camera.
"She's a blogger and documents everythin'", the sister tells her.
Ms. Chris smiles as she ushers us in.

I immediately begin to take pictures of everythin'. I don't even care who's lookin'. I'm so enamored by this catfish soul food restaurant. I want to taste and see it all. All. I walk over to the counter. Ms. Chris informs us that she's the soul food lady who cooks on the weekends. She starts to tell me what's on the menu for the day but I can't even focus. I heard brisket and green beans. All other thoughts go out of the window. I can't decided. I want it all in my belly. Ms. Chris tells me that she's got me and she'll take care of it. I smile big. Mmm, all the food on my plate. This bloggin' thing isn't so bad. 

She then tells us someone has to order the fish so we can try it all. My Momma orders the fish for herself and the sister who left to get cash. Of course a restaurant like this only takes cash. We walk over to our seats and wait for the food to finishin' cookin'. Immediately pull out my phone and star facebookin' about the restaurant.

Cups are brought to the table and we are informed the only drinks they had for the day was sweet tea, lemonade and kool-aide. Yes, this is my kind of restaurant. Ms. Chris tells us the kool-aid is to sweet. Makes her stomach hurt. My sister smiles and rushed to the over-sized mason jar holdin' the contents. I make my way to the sweet tea and lemonade. I want it all in my cup.

I sigh as I place the cup down. If I drink anymore I won't be able to finish my food. But, it's so good I tell myself. Many minutes later the food arrives. The fish is as I've imagined it to be. I dip a few pieces in the homemade Cajun tarter sauce. Loose my mind doesn't even begin to describe that moment. Oh, was it good. Moments later my food arrives. I immediately devour the vegetables. Oh my these are good. Now the moment of truth...

I eye up the brisket. How do I want to handle this, I decide to try it first before I douse it in the homemade bbq sauce provided to me. I take a bite. It's as good as I've been lead to believe. My Momma has to quite me and remind me that people are starin' and laughin'. Who cares. The food is so good.

We're about done. All that's left is to pay the bill and bring home the leftover. Ms. Chris comes over to see how we fared. How we liked everythin'. We thank her and give a few hugs. But not before snappin' a few pics.

So... Ms. Chris,

Thank you. Some of the best brisket and catfish I've ever eaten. But don't tell my Grandma. If you do I'll deny it till the end of days.


  1. I can tell you that some of my favorite places here in the Austin area aren't that appealing from the outside but once you walk through that door, you are undeniably going to have a full belly and happy heart.

  2. We don't have places like that where I live but it must be great to find an unexpectedly good restaurant!

  3. The business card is cracking me looks like wedding catering or something that does not at all match the ambiance of the actual place.

  4. Where is this place? That food looks amazing!

  5. YUM!!!!! Wish I lived closer, but I have to agree with Stephanie - there are some really good spots in ATX. The hole in the wall places are always the best :)

  6. This looks like amazing catfish! Will have to try when I come back 'home.' :)


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