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Dec 18, 2014

Sugar Pumpkin Cookie balls

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I sat in the car as we drove home from the church Christmas party. What to make with these Nestle Toll House Rolled & Ready House Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets I wondered aloud. My aunt who was drivin' was the first to chime in, "Throw some sweet potato or pumpkin' in it." I laughed. But as the night wondered on, she might be on to somethin' I thought. Hmm, but how did I wanna combine these. A tart... no. A pie.... no I just posted some pie recipes. I got it. Cookie Balls. Yes, they are a thing. Instead of frostin' you use cream cheese. If y'all only knew how excited I became over these.
I may or may not have gotten so excited that I baked so many of these little beauties they are overtakin' my freezer. I was also excited cause it was my first time to use Nestle Toll House Rolled & Ready House Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets. They come in many flavors but I chose sugar as not to overpower the pumpkin. Y'all know down here in The South it's as if we are always in the kitchen. And I am all about anythin' that will make bakin' life easier. And these beauties really did. Just pop 'em in the oven and you are good to go. If y'all only knew that when people joke about bakin' season it's a serious thing down here. I think the rest of these beauties will stay in my freezer till Sunday and be given out at a holiday party I am to attend. Now, to find a candle for the candle gift exchange. Until then enjoy this recipe and go get ya some.

And with that my Southern Holiday Recipes has come to a close. Until next time my dear
6 oz cream cheese
4 tablespoons pumpkin fillin'
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
Parchment paper 
Cookie/Cake pop sticks
2 bags Candy Melts; chocolate flavor

1. Each package of rolled cookie dough comes with two sheets. You only need three sheets.
2. Take the three sheets and break them into a few chunks. Place them on a greased bakin' sheet and bake accordin' to the package. I did mine about 3 mins less cause my oven cooks fast and you don't want them hard.  
3. Let the dough cool for a moment or two but not so long that it hardens.
4. Crumble the cookie in a bowl.
5. In the same bowl mix in the pumpkin fillin', cream cheese, nutmeg and cinnamon. 
6. Now you are ready to form your balls. You can use a spoon or ice cream scoop to make the balls if need be. I like to free hand them and I also like them bigger than normal. The trick to the balls are flowerin' everythin'. Flower your counter where you will roll them. Flower the parchment paper you will place them on. And most importantly keep your hands flowered. 
7. Now place a stick in each one you make. Trust me it'll be easier now instead of later. Place those bad boys in the frezer and freeze away. I like to do mine overnight so they are good and ready but if you are pressed for time just make sure they freeze for at least an hour.
8. Once your balls have frozen you are ready to melt your candy. Meltin' will depend on how hot your microwave gets and the brand you buy. So just follow the directions on 
9. Once you've melted the candies you are ready to dip. Dip the cookie balls in the melted chocolate. When you dip it helps to roll in a circle motion. When you take them out keep the pop upside down and continue to roll in a circle motion so the excess chocolate drains off. 
10. The chocolate should start to harden within minutes. Place them somewhere to harden. I like to place mine criss cross in a mason jar. Dependin' on how big your pops are don't put more than four or five in a jar. Just trust me. To top heavy.  
11. Now ya are good to go. I like to freeze mine again as well as store them in the freezer so they do not sweat. Glass in all. If you wanna give them as a gift you can always dress up the jar are wrap the tops. 


  1. This is so interesting and something I would never have thought to create. Very creative and pictures look great.

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  8. These look yummy! Stuff on a stick is so fun.


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