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Dec 22, 2014

#SaturdayDownSouth + A. A. Callisters = #WeekendDownSouth

Oh, Callisters thanks for the boots

As Ellie King Ex's and Oh's played in my head all weekend. Where did I even first hear her at? Who really cares? Elle King should be heard by all. What y'all do this weekend? What songs are stuck on repeat?

Photos: Because Starbucks red cups are made for two. Ok, maybe just for my Momma and I/// Here's my Saturday down South/// Cause if you don't take a million pictures of your new boots from Callisters do they really exist/// Baby Showers down South are not like the Baby Showers you are used to. We know how to eat and we eat good/// Interruptin' Ms. Ruthie's Frozen sing-along gets you faces like this /// Is it not the most wonderful time of the year/// Cowboys wins require jerseys and boots

Current Obession: Y'all should know by now I got a knew pair of boots from Callisters and I couldn't be more excited about them. Callisters is a Western store based out of Utah. Don't worry y'all, they are online. As a family owned business since the 1950's, they sale everythin' from women's clothes, hats, boots and even horse care items. I appreciate the attention to detail and that they are still in the same tact shop up in Utah. Y'all that's right up my ally. What I love most is the quality and how comfortable my boots are. Stitchin' is on point. I always have a hard time with shoes because I am so tiny. But I didn't with these. I got them half a size bigger and am so glad I did. My jeans and boot socks fit perfectly in them and are not to bunchy. I got so many compliments at church yesterday in my boots. I know they sure was jealous.

Thought of the Moment:
Blog friend earlier this mornin':
Her: "It doesn't match your blog persona at all. It's cute though"
Me: "...and wait, why doesn't it match? cause I don't talk sports much?"
Her: " Yeah. Your blog makes us Think food and southern ladyness. And pink of course"
So Now I'm askin y'all. What does The Blog make ya think?
I was all excited from the Cowboys historic win that it required a selfie. A selfie in my own way. After selfie commenced, I felt the need to blast all over social media. A I not a blogger if I don't? Well, you see that convo, the typin' above. That was a conversation I had with a fellow blog fran right after I posted the photo. That photo got me to thinkin'. I mean are boots and football not Southern? What is a Southern Lady to you? I mean how would you define one? What would you define my blog as? I asked these questions on Fb and some of the responses I got are below

  • Aas this person not from the south? Is football not the epitome of southerness? I'm confused.
  • Football=Texas. Football=South. What's there to figure out?
  • I guess I never really put much thought in to it. It kinda sounds like you may be a little frilly, girly, glamorous, yet southern all in one. Does that make sense? Some people wayyyyy over think things. jmo
  • Football is a staple of being a southern lady :) that person probably doesn't understand homecoming mums either ;)

So now I'm askin' yall. Tell me all about your weekend. Tell me all about your favorite boots and why they are your favorite. Heck, why don't you be an overachiever and tell me all about what makes a Southern Lady in your eyes. Ready. Set. Go.


  1. Love your images! What a fun weekend--hope your week is just as great!

  2. I really need a pair of go-to boots, my roommate just came home the other day with three new pairs and I was super jealous. All I have are rainboots and those are nowhere near as versatile as a good pair of leather ones!

  3. Love your boots and your blog! There's nothing in the whole wide world like a Southern Girl! <3

  4. Love the boots! They're totally you! Beautiful pictures and of course Southern Ladies wear boots...at least the ones from Texas. Merry Christmas!

  5. The boots are fabulous and perfect for you!

  6. Those boots are made for walkn'! I don't know your personally, but if you like sports and boots then looks like it fits perfectly with your personality!

  7. Love your feed on Instagram, and those boots are gorgeous!

  8. Immediately I think of the South! Sports are part of southern culture. Also, love the boots!

  9. Are you super excited today because your Cowboys are in the playoffs?

  10. I need to hop on that hashtag pronto because it looks like so much fun! LOVEEEE those boots woman! The Houston rodeo is about 2-3 months away and this momma needs a new pair of boots :)

  11. I'm from Texas too! In my opinion, a Southern lady has opinions but knows when to keep them to herself, can talk football as well as anyone else, always brings the sass and class, and has one specialty casserole or pie for a special occasion. ;)

  12. Cute boots. I live in the South (Alabama) but I don't own a pair - they just were never my thing.

  13. Those cowboy boots are so amazing! And Go Cowboys!!! xoxo

  14. OMG THE BOOTS! Love and they deserve all claps plus a round of applause. I spent my weekend with lots & lots of kiddies! Big caribbean families make it so. Big Caribbean families l

  15. Great photos! Love the boots, and you just can't go wrong with Starbucks! Your blog is awesome! :)

  16. I love this post...it's so fun doing a picture post! And your boots are on point. I LOVE some sassy cowgirl boots. I have a pair of Luchesse's that I live in during the winter months. Merry Christmas!

  17. New boots and fried chicken. What a great weekend!


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