Pete Scobell- Walkin a Wire |

Sep 11, 2015

Pete Scobell- Walkin a Wire

"Sittin' on the porch, watchin' the sun begin to shine while it's still ranin', it' so amazin'. All the leaves are dyin' on the trees, but their goin' out blazin'. It's so amazin'. Not a day goes by that I don't swear there's gotta be a God out there." The music plays through my ears. I smile as I know this verse to be true. Even in my own life. How could a simple song lyric touch me so? This wouldn't be the first time I quietly whisper to myself. My mind drifts. To how I'd come to here of Pete Scobell.
"It was the first day of Summer vacation 2015. As a person who works in education I can't wait for Summer after nine months chained to my school. I drove to the local movie rental store down the road from my house with my sister. Determined to find Selena the movie and binge watch it on repeat. I'd just returned from a weekend trip to Corpus Christi and was re-inspired by her and her story and the town. I walked all over unamused when I realized the only copy my town ever had was never returned. My sister proclaimed she wasn't leavin' until she found the movie she wanted. I stood annoyed until American Sniper caught my eye. I'd heard all the hype and knew who Chris Kyle was. I mean I am a Texan. How could you not know who he was and what he did... I had wanted to see the movie but never had the time. I quickly pulled it off the shelf and was about to walk away until I realized Lone Survivor and Unbroken were on the shelf next to it. I quickly grabbed those two as well and decided I'd make a binge of it. After all it was the start of my Summer and I had no where to be. We rushed home candy and movies in hand. I prepared myself for the long haul. But did it really happen if you didn't take a pic. I quickly snapped this pic of all three movies and went to watchin'. Those three movies were so emotionally dranin' I couldn't even binge watch them all. But one, one caught my eye. That was Lone Survivor. I was quickly drawn in by Marcus, the Lone Survivor. I had no idea he was a Texan or anythin' about the story but what I had seen in clips from the Keith Urban music video and how I turned it up when I was on a backroad. I became quickly obsessed with him and started googlin' him everywhere. Y'all everywhere. I've probably watched more youtube videos of him recountin' the story than I should have. I know all y'all wanna know is what any of that has to do with Pete Scobell Band. I'm gettin' to it. Days later I was on Instagram stalkin' some of the cast of Duck Dynasty. I know. I know. Well, Momma Robertson, Kori posted a photo of Pete and was talkin' about his upcomin debut album. I was like hey... that's that dude I saw in pics with Marcus and did the After Action videos with our former Governor. Have I ever mentioned on the blog that one of my majors in college was Political Science and when I'm not bloggin' and bein' Southern I indugle in politics a lot. Y'all a lot. Now you know my secret. But back to the point. No more bloggin' outloud. I quickly started stalkin' Pete Scobell and followin' him on every social media possible. A veteran turned Americana/Country Singer... Hello, y'all know that's right up my alley. I was particularly captured by his story. A Navy Seal who served for 17 years. Music became his savin' grace after a brain injury while servin' one of his many tours overseas."
The song fades from my earphones.
I'd gotten my hands on an early listen of Walkin a Wire by Pete Scobell Band which released today. It wasn't lost on me that he decided to drop his debut alum on 9/11. How fittin' that a date that shook us all to our core and I'm sure defined him so powerfully will now have a whole new meanin'. 
I sat there, tryin' to find the words to describe his music and the album I had just listened to. No words came. Instead I played 'There's Gotta be a God out There' on repeat for a good 30 minutes. The song spoke to me. It reminded me that even though we each have our own story to tell, like Pete I know there's gotta be a God out there.

Pete Scobell Band album took me on an emotional roll-coaster. The words I am left with are Raw, Gritty, Truthful. He shares his truths in such a powerful way. With much debate these days in Country Music circles on who will carry the torch? Where has the genre gone? I find a gilmer of hope that storytellers like Pete will carry on that Torch. I mean come one Wynonna Judd cut a song with him. That great dame doesn't just sing with anyone these days.  As a southern girl who has had many a family member and friend serve I take pride in knowin' veterans like Pete have picked themselves up and found life after service. Supportin' his music is a small token.

Now I'mma leave y'all with two giveaways. The firs is in this Gleam right here. Win an autographed copy by Pete himself. Click here for a chance at an Orca Cooler by Pete and his team.


  1. Music is especially inspirational when you can tell it's personal. That's when listeners can truly relate and connect.


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