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Sep 16, 2015

#WednesdayDownSouth; #EasyMealPrep

I know y'all sit around and wonder what I eat when I'm not cookin' for the blog, frans or family. Ok! Humor me and pretend t'all wonder. Well... today, I'mma let y'all know via a  #DownSouth post

Current Obession: Suddenly Grain Salad by Betty Crocker, and chicken wings.

Suddenly Grain Salad I'd heard of the pastas but not the new "grain salads". And I'm not just obsessed cause they sponsor this pot. I've recently gotten into Quinoa and don't why I never jumped on the bandwagon till now.  When I heard they were great for meal preppin' I was skeptical cause I have yet to get into that craze even though I try. But I am pleased to say I packed a few lunches. I even added in some fruit. But I couldn't not have the chicken wangs. HAHA! And I think the Southwest flavor has to be my favorite.

Now it's your turn. I gots a lil' Coupon for ya. Just go Suddenly Grain Salad or find a local store that has them here
You can also get some recipe ideas herehere and here


  1. You have to try making one-skillet Mexican quinoa if you haven't. Easy and YUM. Made it for the in laws the other weekend and they loved it, too!

  2. That looks so amazing! I definitely need to make it. :)


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