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May 25, 2016

Explore St. Louis

St Louis; Summer Road TripSt Louis; Summer Road TripI find myself standin' in the closet next to a step ladder. A worn leather pouch catches my attention. I hadn't realized how much I missed that leather pouch and it's owner. I grimace as I climb the step ladder tryin' to reach the pouch. If my Momma could see me now, I think. The leather is worn but familiar in my hands as I slowly unfasten the contents. Paper after paper spills onto the hardwood floor. My word. I can't believe the contents have lasted so long.

I smile thinkin' how Daddy always was the prepared one. Never one to be caught off card, the trusty leather always by his side. On long extended weekends and summer family road-trips through The South, the worn and frayed leather always came out and found its way into the glove compartment of Daddy's old  car. Filled with maps. life insurance polices and medical records that leather was always the highlight of summer. When the leather came out I knew adventure was right around the corner.

I find myself in a rabbit hole of sorts. A quest for more memories. I race through the house, my feet squuekin' as I go until I came upon the cabinet that hold its continents. I reach for a worn scrapbook and viciously flip through the pages. My eyes settle on a worn picture. There a baby faced me smiles with a group of friends as we stand next to the Missouri visitor center. My shirt reaches my knees and the smile, my eyes. We'd just crossed the state line on our quest through St. Louis I was woken for my nap so that pictures could ensue. I chuckled lookin' back. How baby faced me thought everythin' was grand as grand as the arches. I chuckled as I remembered that baby face me made a joke they they were grander then the fast food arches.

Summer adventure and road trips; always the highlight of summer.

I find even know lookin' back some of my fondest childhood memories were spent away from electronic and life distractions and just livin'. Daily strivin' to have a life where vacation is endless.

And while vacation may not be endless just yet, allow me to help y'all a little bit.

St. Louis is a perfect family fun destination from Six flags, to baseball to museum and botanical gardens.. St. Louis has it all. I highly recommend it all. This 25 in St. Louis is a great start.

But now to the goodies. I am partnerin' With St. Louis to offer:
2 night stat
Tickets to a few local attractions
AND a $50 VISA gift card.

to enter

Share a photo or video of your family bein' funny with the hashtah #funnestfamily to social media. Contest runs till 6/30/16 and you can all the serious details here


  1. hahaha I've definitely had similar thoughts about the arch. I've never been to St.Louis, but have heard great things. I've got lots of places in the US I still need to explore!

  2. Sounds like good warm memories and a great destination!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  3. Summer Adventure is definitely the highlight the summer!! I love that.


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