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Feb 19, 2018

TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray

Brunch, ahh yes brunch: My favorite meal of the weekend. We dream about it. We plan around it. Down here in The South brunch is a thing of beauty. This past weekend I attended the Dallas Observer Brunch Festival at the Dallas Farmers Market. Bopping around with friends tasting and drinking all the samples to offer.

The weather was a tad cool and humid and till the beautiful Texas sun decided to grace us with her presence. That isn't uncommon for Texas. One minute it can be pourin', the next minute hotter than the devil. It can make it hard to plan at times, but that's where TRESemmé comes in so handy. TRESemmé new compact Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray is perfect. I love how there are four choices to chose. I went with the extended hold from my local Walmart. With how unpredictable this Texas weather can be it was nice to have.

I washed and conditioned my hair as I would any other week. I then applied for a leave-in conditioner I liked and began to two strand twist my hair. Part your hair in sections and being to twist them all over your head. Once you have twist all over your head you an begin to Bantu knot them. Take each twist you made and wrap it around until it forms a small knot that pokes out. Once I have knots all over my head, I sprayed a little of the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray. Wrap your hair with a scrap or protective cap, and you are ready to sleep or finish on around the house. I slept in mind, and when I took them down the next mornin', I had perfect curls that looked fabulous under my hat.

What's your favorite way to curl your hair? Use #TRESTuesdays and #StyleWithoutStiffness to show off your curls.

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