Life of Ms. Aleshea {week 4} |

Mar 14, 2013

Life of Ms. Aleshea {week 4}

Song of the week" I'm gonna pop some tags. I only got twenty dollars in my pocket"

Overpriced Sprinkles cupcake that I could have made better.
I've been MIA again this week. Don't worry, before I started writing this post I: handed over ALL my Sweet Tea, "Blessed My Own Heart" and told myself "Oh Hell No" three times. I promise I will post ALL about my new car tomorrow. I might even let y'all help me name the great gas mileage thing. But until then you are stuck hearing about my week thus far and the kids that I have encountered along the way. (Heck if I can wait this long for a new car then you can wait 24 hours for pictures.) Don't like it? Then go drink some unsweet tea, run a lap and have SEVERAL seats.... But really. 

I've mentioned it before but I am VERY involved in Girl Scouts. I was a GS growing up. I am now a lifetime member. I help my mom since she is in charge of the town GS. I do the GS program at the after school. program. See, y'all get the point yet? Well, this week was a camp out called, " Camp Like A Girl" The kids invited were from the after school program around the school district as well as a few tailored GS programs. These girls are still GS but it is slightly different. These programs focus on girls in the Hispanic community as well as low income (like my kids) They target girls that normally wouldn't have these opportunities. The curriculum are also tailored. When I started with the program last school year. I was shocked at what the girls didn't know. Another teacher at our school was teaching the program and when I started they wanted me to help with the cheerleading program. (Our after school program has many activities for the kids and they compete against the other after school programs in the school district.) If you ain't no I was no cheerleader then you do now. All those types of things are what my seester did. Well, when it came time to start GS for the semester I volunteered to take it over since the previous girl SUCKED and the girls were learning nothing. 

Fast forward to this week and the camping trip. I got permission to drive up every afternoon and help out until lights out since I had to work every morning. (The kids are on Spring Break and therefore no after school program this week) We had four girls from my school go and to say they had a blast was an understatement. I also encountered a TON of new girls who had me doubled over laughing all week. I must share these stories with you in this weeks Life of Ms. Aleshea. 

Before we left:
K: "Ms. Aleshea, I ain't sleepin' in no woods? This grass is already itchy. We bet not have to sleep in the grass. They gonna have somewhere for me to plug my phone?
Me: "It will be fine. I camped here hundreds of times growing up. And what you need your phone for anyway?

Cleaning the Bathrooms for the day when it was my cabins turn:
J: "Ms. Aleshea I gotta tell you what one of the girls said but I don't wanna say it out loud cause I don't know what it means."
Me: Ok, girl tell me
J: "One of the 6th graders said it smells like period in here."
Me: Trying not to be shocked that a 4th grader has no clue about this but also trying not to laugh at the same time. 

About to hike in the woods on Tuesday night to the astronomy class:

Ms. V: "Not only do GS leave a place cleaner then they found it but they throw their trash away because we don't want y'alls lives endangered by animals."
D: "What kind of animals would we probably see the most?"
Me: Rabbits
D: Starts screaming her head off
Me: "Did you think I said rats?"
D: "YES!"

Later when we actually went on said hike:
 D: Hears a noise and starts screaming head off
Me: "Girl, it's probably just a rabbit and those won't hurt you..... *long pause* Wait, do you know what a rabbit is.
D: No, but I KNOW it's scary. *start running through the woods and forgot about her flashlight*
Me: As I look back I see a couple of 6th graders throwing rocks in the woods. *By this point I'm laughing so hard cause they were scaring ALL the kids*

During supper the first night when they are supposed to be making friends:
J: "Ms. Aleshea, my momma says I have enough friends and I ain't gotta make no more." 

While I'm passing out drinks during the last lunch:
Girl: *Runs up to me* remember me I'm the girls with the BIG suitcase from the first day
Me: Oh, see you didn't need all that stuff

Random girl: Come ups to me crying to tell me someone stole her chocolate during S'mores time.
Me: Girl, why you let them steal yo chocolate.

T: "Ms. Aleshea STOP, you gonna let the flutter bugs get us"
Me: HUH?
T: The Moths, the moths are gonna get us
Me: Oh, HA!

As always I could go on and on but ain't nobody got time for that.Overall I had a GREAT time even though I am dead tired. So thankful for my new car cause not only does it get great gas mileage but it has cruise control and it made the drives home each night bearable, since I didn't spend the night. I was proud to be apart of this experience. For most of these girls it was the firs time they had done anything like this or been away from home. I was even more honored when I made it back to the GS office and some of the parents came up and thanked me. One parent said she never did things like this when she was little and she was grateful that I was helping make opportunities likes this available for her daughter. I could quote the studies that show girls in GS and the statics of how much better they are but I won't. This week I saw girls of, "Courage, Confidence and Character and I LOVED IT"

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