Jun 10, 2013

Headed down south to the land of the pines

My trip to the Texas Blueberry Festival
Today give all the love to Sami and Crystal/Manda

The Texas Blueberry Festival is held every year in Nac (Nacogdoches Texas) This is where I went to college. I conned my bestie James to drive down with me for the day. It was like 8:00 am, we were half way there when he looks over at me and goes, I don't even like blueberries!" But he knows he loves me and that's why he went. Plus it was an excuse to see his brother.

We had tons of fun. We drove all that way to find out there were hardly any blueberries. The COLD winter had put them behind their growing schedule. James was mad cause the whole way up I kept yellin', I want blueberries in my belly" and now there were no blueberries to put in my belly. But there was enough that I got my blueberry lemonade. And that alone is worth the three hour drive. They also ran out of spots on the buses to go out to the blueberry farm. Thanks goodness James brother, the red head in all the pics, was friends with a girl runnin' the tours to the farm. Secretly I think that girl is waiting for Chris to dump his current girlfriend. We finally get out to the farm only to get stranded. There was a wreck and all the buses had to find another way to get out there and pick us up. It was crazy and we were in the heat for FOREVER. I told y'all I went to college in the country. When we got back and had lunch we decided to go on an adventure and check out the bamboo forest behind Chris house. Yes, he lives in a frat house. The bamboo was the coolest thing ever but it was work getting to it and I am still payin' for it. Them Nac Skeeters ate the mess out of me. It's Monday and my legs are still swollen, stingin', itchin' and red. Welp, enjoy my trip and come back tomorrow for my Blueberry Cobbler Recipe. See what I did there. That's all that sweet tea fullin' my body. Enjoy the pics.



  1. Booo for cold weather hindering the blueberries! I love festivals though and that lemonade looks amazing!

  2. I love the photos...some are real framables!

  3. That 'forest' of bamboo is AMAZING. Great pictures

  4. You just made me incredibly homesick for Texas. Man, oh man do I miss turkey legs and funnel cakes....BAH. I guess I'll have to go eat a hotdog dipped in batter and covered in crinkle cut french fries and deep fried to get over it. Yea, WHAT?! South Korea keeps it real, but turkey legs are where it's at. Can't wait to see your blueberry cobbler recipe!

  5. Wow, some of these pictures are beautiful.. and some a little frightening. Like what is that shack in the middle of the bamboo forest?? :) Yay for besties that go on road trips!

  6. That festival looks like so much fun!

  7. fabulous pics indeed!! Wish I could go - it looks freakin fun. :) Yummmm Blueberries!

  8. I saw the title of your post on our link-up and I knew immediately it had to be you!!! Love it! Blueberry lemonade?? Yum! I’ve never been to this festival, but now I want to. I am a sucker for little old townsquares. What is that on the stick right below the picture of the gent eating a corndog? You are too cute. Thanks for linking up and sharing this awesome post!!


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