That's a low cholesterol meal. Happy Valentine's. |

Jun 18, 2013

That's a low cholesterol meal. Happy Valentine's.


It’s Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday people. Was that necessary- Highly unlikely? I think I’m just super excited because for lunch I’m havin’ some leftover Fried Green Tomatoes. Anyways, let’s get to it shall we. Y’all only in the South do we eat Mac & Cheese like it’s a vegetable and take perfectly good vegetables and mangle all the nutritional value out of them. I know y’all saw my Green Bean Bundles. I lathered those puppies in bacon and brown sugar. I blame my Granny for this. It’s the Mississippi/Arkansas girl in her. She has passed all this down to me. If you are wonderin’ back in the day when the tomatoes trees would get to full some of the tomatoes would be picked before they were ripe so that others could come in and fully ripen to that pretty red. If a tomato branch gets to heavy there are problems.  Green tomatoes are a little to tart and sour to eat plain. So they would fry up the bountiful and have a yummy snack. (Don’t say I never learned ya nothin’! HA) It’s fine with me cause I love all tomatoes. I remember growin’ up and eatin’ tomato sandwiches with my Daddy.

Funny thing though: I hate frying things. I know I should hate it because there are healthier options but that’s not why. I hate frying things cause some years back I got hot grease in my eye while I was wearing my contacts. Y’all I screamed for days. This is another one of my Granny’s recipes that I add my own flare to. My Seester hates tomatoes but she will devour these puppies with some hot sauce.

1  beaten egg(optional)
3 green tomatoes
bacon grease
vegetable oil
few tablespoons of flour
1. I hate turkey bacon but it was all we had. Cook a few pieces of      bacon. Remove the bacon and leave the grease in the pan.
2. Add about ½ a cup of vegetable oil to the pan and heat.
3. While you are waiting for the grease to heat cut the tomatoes. Cut them about ¼ inch thick .
4. Sprinkle each side of the tomato with salt// pepper and paprika.(I like to mix the seasonings in a bowl and then sprinkle.)
5. Dip each tomato in the beaten egg. (This helps the cornmeal stay on the tomato. My Granny doesn’t do this but I do)
6. Add a few tablespoons of flour to a couple cups of cornmeal.
7. When dipping the tomatoes in the flour/cornmeal make sure to coat them good.
Fry them a few at a time.
9. Y'all enjoy

If you fling a few drops of water on the hot grease and it starts to bubble and sizzle you know the grease is ready for fryin’. Never fry to many things at once. Grease always looses heat so a few at a time helps and keeps you from havin’ to change it out. These should fry in a shallow pool of oil. A good rule of thumb is ¼ liquid usually coats the bottom of a skillet. This movie has the best quotes. I guess I should have just titled the post Fried Green Tomatoes but where's the fun in that


  1. Oh yummy! My mom used to make Fried Green tomatoes....and fried okra. Oh I am hungry now!

  2. So I've never had a fried green tomato... weird, I know! I need to try this! Glad you linked up with us!

  3. Green bean bundles are my life!! Thanksgiving in a pan :)

  4. Just stopping by from Sweet Tea Social to say hello. We just love Fried Green Tomatoes and will have some great Green Tomatoes from our garden to fry up. Your Fried Green Tomatoes look delicious. Have a good week and thanks for sharing.
    Miz Helen

  5. I love me some fried green tomatoes! My favorite!!!

  6. it looks delicious my hubby would surely love this thank you for sharing


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