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Aug 8, 2013

#CajunsInvadeTexas: Leshea play the boom boom song

My Daddy's side of the family from Southern Louisiana was in town. Enjoy some pictures from our trip to the Forth Worth Zoo and the Stockyards. My cousins kids probably had the most fun at the Stockyards. That was right up their ally. Heck they conned my Uncle into spending $26 dollars so they could ride ponies. Keep in mind they have all the animals they need at home. Ponies/horses are on that list. Consider this my Texas Tuesday post on a Thursday. And yes I'm about to picture overload you for the next few days. If that ain't your thing then I advise you to start skipping post now. My cousin always ask for the 'Boom Boom Song' because it's his favorite. If you know the 'Boom Boom Song' than we can be besties and I'll even share my sweet tea. You can also see all the adventures we had on FB/Twitter/Instagram with the hastag #CajunsInvadeTexas

Fort Worth Zoo:

Fort Worth Stockyards:



  1. holy photo dump!

    anyway....i love those boots. and that trash can.

  2. I love watching kids with animals. They are always so mesmirized. Is that spelled even close to right?

    and that garbage can. Husband and I are getting one for the house, stat.

  3. Love it! You got such great photos. Looks like a good time. Any special meaning behind the title? :)

  4. What amazing pictures looks like you have such an amazing family! Just started following your blog and love it maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?


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