Monday December 8th 2003 |

Aug 16, 2013

Monday December 8th 2003

They gave me a clean bill of health. 10 yr Scoliosis appointment was a success. 
"Ok so as most of you all know sophomore I had back surgery to correct the curve in my spine. So for those who don't know I was diagnosed with scoliosis the end of freshman year and I was told that my curve was so severe I would need surgery. My curve was at 60% and it was pushing on my heart and lungs... basically it was killing me slowly... I had the surgery December of my sophomore year... Well today I was watching this show called surgery saved my life and they had two extreme cases of scoliosis on the show.... This girl was 10 and had already gone through 13 surgeries and this boy in Africa was 15 and had a cure that was in three places 140% each and he was told if he didn’t have surgery he would not live to see 20. At first I freaked out because I saw exactly what they did to my back... I never fully understood the risks and what happened. They gave me a movie to watch but of course I did not watch it because it was to boring.
*****DON'T READ IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE***** See the scary part is that you are working so close to the spinal cord that any false move or too much multiplating and I could be paralyzed. Some would say ok then why have the surgery but the downside is if I didn't have the surgery I would have probably not lived to see my adult life. Basically they broke my back and then took out bone were my back was curving. Then they took metal rods and screwed them into my back at the top and bottom on the left and right side and manipulated my spine until it was as straight as it could get without paralyzing me. Then they cut out part of my hipbone and used it to fuse my back together were they had broken my spine and were they had screwed in the rods. Ok so basically this was a 9-hour surgery that only took 5 hours and I did not need blood afterwards... I was also able to go back to school in 2 months.... I was able to walk in three days…. (Needless to say it was only a few feet but hey you don’t know how bad those few feet felt like miles. I could bend at three months and by August of junior year I was back on the marching field with the band
I remember when I was told I would have to have surgery I was angry because they had caught my cure at the later staged and it was to late fro a brace.... I also prayed every night that God would heal me and I would not have to have surgery… Well watching this show made me really thank God.. Yeah they caught my curve late but at least I only had to have one surgery... and hey I can still walk... yeah not the best but hey I can still walk. They told me it would take 9 hours and I was done in 5… They said I would need a blood transfusion of 4 bags and I didn’t… I have had no relapses and so far they say I will not have to have any more surgeries so in a way I can say God heard my prayers and he answered them…maybe not in the way I wanted but he answered them.
So watching this show made me realize how blessed I am… This year I am going to continually strive to praise God in everything that I do because it could always be worse… So thank you God for guiding me through one of the most difficult things in life and seeing me through. Yeah I get back pains like you wouldn’t believe but hey no more complaining for me cause I am going to be thankful… but hey I can still go take some medicine cause my back is killing me at the moment…God Bless 
And just remember there is always someone wore than you."

That was a letter I wrote on Facebook Sunday, January 7th 2007. Yesterday I had my ten year check up and to say I was nervous is an understatement. Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about but it didn't stop me from being nervous. Rereading that letter was a great reminder of a promise I made to myself and The Good Lord. It's also a great reminder of where the Lord has brought me. I know he's not done and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me.



  1. Happy News. My granddaughter has scoliosis. She is 13. We have been watching it for 2 years now and so far, so good.

  2. I told you it would be fine! Happy you got to hear the news for yourself :D

  3. huzaaaaaah. I am so pleased for you.
    What a beautiful testimony, and a scary past! WOW!


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