Sep 13, 2013

It's like you're my mirror My mirror staring back at me

I know I'm not the only one who has been craving Starbucks. Y'all Between the Seester and I we've kept Starbucks in business these last few weeks. I can't get enough of all the holiday drinks. Special shout-out to all the people who keep giving us gift cards to that magical place. As I drink today's coffee, peppermint white mocha latte, getting pumped up to Gavin Degraw's Best I ever Had I've thought of a few things. Ok, really Bekah thought of these things. 

  Am  I the only one that has selective dream memory?I feel like I only remember the dreams I want to. I can remember waking up in the middle of a dream to pee. And then when I am falling back asleep I start praying I can finish the dream. 

  Lee Daniels the Butler really got me to thinking about a lot of things and was a big push on my whole I am the South and the South is me kick. I've always had it but this movie re-sparked it. 

  Praise baby Jesus for all things EOS and making my skin feel fabulous.

  I am so ready for cooler weather and all that comes with it. I'll be 26 in 16 days. AHHHH no ma'am. It's September and we are still in the 100 plus degree weather. That is not ok at.

  I am most excited for the 12 days of Christmas linkup I'm doing with Bekah. Excited to plan out the prompts .



  1. I am with you on the Starbucks. Me and the Pumpkin Spice Latte are in a serious relationship.

  2. You're so cute! Love the self-portrait :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. eos is amazing. not as amazing as Arbonne, but pretty close :)

    So, about The Butler - when I was in college, the writer for the Washington Post (Wil Haygood) who met the Butler and told his story which was picked up as the movie you just saw....he was a guest speaker in one of my classes and told us a lot of cool stuff. I'm dying to see that film!

  4. this is such a lovely photo of yours! so cheerful! :))

  5. this is such a lovely photo of yours! so cheerful! :))

  6. I love Starbucks too! LOVE THE SELFIE!!!!!!!!!!


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