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Sep 9, 2013

Extravert → iNtuitive →Thinking → Judging

"I don't care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can't control it, why look?"

"Bet you got a dead cell phone in your shot gun seat" Wait, that's not what today's topic is over? Oh well cause that's what I've been singing all morning.

In college I took this test for Student Government. I was extremely excited when I saw today's prompt and that Jenni would have us take the test and then write about our findings. Truthfully, I could not remember how I scored the first time. All I remembered was Bestfran Numero Uno took the test as well and we had the exact same thing except for the first letter. 

I majored in Political Science and History. This test tells me I should go into Politics. Recently I completed my Linkedin profile and after I entered my resume information it told me that I was qualified for management jobs in education. This test tells me I'm prone to jobs in Education Management. Gah, just can't get away for people wanting me to start a career in education can I?

Larger than life... check
Feels are Introverted... check

But it's ok cause the likes of FDR, Harrison Ford and Margaret Thatcher scored the same as me. Apparently my personality is rare among women. Take that High School Aptitude Test. Anyone else score the same as me? 

After taking this test it really got me thinking about a few things I wanted to accomplish this week. Yes, the ol' make five quality post is always on there but what else...

Here are my 2 Weekly Wishes
→ Five quality blog post
→ Stop being such a Vulcan. It's ok to put down logic and reason and go by emotions. 
Y'all go say HI to Melyssa!


  1. You're right! Sometimes it's great to let go of logic and just feel! I'm in law school so when I get off the clock this is what I need to do! Love your wishes!

  2. but logic is so so SO good... screw emotions! they are fallible (;

  3. I am a ISTJ and it almost fits me like a glove!

  4. I am definitely an introvert that can put on an extroverted face in social situations. I hope your weekly wishes come true xo

  5. I came out almost equal for introverted and extroverted which I found humorous!

  6. I was a teacher so I guess the test is accurate :)


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