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Sep 25, 2013

"Death and Life are in the power of the tongue"


Man, who hasn't made a mistake are screwed up in life? Y'all best not lie. No, but seriously I could look back on life and be like, "Girl, what was you doing with that outfit? Why did you pick those colors for your braces? He ain't even cute?" Ya'know the list could go on forever.

For me the one of my biggest downfalls has always been my mouth. Everyone knows that I talk a lot and never shut up. Growing up I started talking super late in life and my mom would joke that I was just making up for lost time. Guess I don't really have an excuse now that I darn near 26. Did I mention my Birfday is Sunday? Are y'all tired of my countdowns yet? Anyways, y'all know I do all that blogging out loud. I have made it no secret that my attitude and mouth have been something I've been trying to work. on.

So, I guess the most recent mistake I made was yesterday. I woke in a bad mood. I could blame it all on my Seester and how she was bugging me to do things for her but that is beside the point. Yes, it was a factor but it's not the take away. We can't always control what happens in life but we can control how we respond to things. I know there's some fancy quote that says that much better than I just did. But it's times like that that I'm reminded how much our Savior loves us. I could have beat myself up all day yesterday that I've already got a poor start on my Weekly Wishes. But instead I chose to focus on the positive. It's times like this that I'm reminded how much our Savior loves and cares for us. He never holds things against us and is always quick to forgive. I'll always remember a conservation I had with my Seester a few years back and she goes, " I'm glad I'm not Jesus cause I don't know how he does it!" I say all that to say sometimes we have to watch what we say. You never know when those might be your last words to a person.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21


  1. Ah this post reminds me how alike we are! Happy almost birthday!

    One slip up never means everything is ruined. Now you have the opportunity to try again.

  2. you are so right: We can't control our life but we can control our reactions.

    Thank you for this great reminder.

  3. Just what I need to read this morning! I need to learn to control my tongue as well. I have a habit of speaking before thinking-- I go off of emotions and not facts and it gets me into trouble.

  4. Great read! And love your nails in that picture.

  5. I love how you say what you think! God Bless you


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