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Dec 26, 2013

Quack the halls


And I'm back. You see, what had happened was, I got the flu and have been like a little baby. Naw, I never get a flu shot and naw I don't wanna hear your opinions on it. Yes, I'm terrified of needles. Movin' right along. I feel so out of practice typin' this post. I had a fabulous cookie recipe planned for Tuesday night and obviously it didn't get published. Maybe It'll still grace you with it's presence. Y'all I've been in the house for days. Even yesterday when everyone came over for Christmas dinner I was hidden under the covers. I felt so rude but it is what it is.

So these two pic are the only two pics you gonna get from my Christmas. I spent much of the last two days in my Duck Dynasty Onzies. Ask me if I care your opinions of the family and their remarks on certain people. I'mma tell you I don't care cause I drink at pro-gay Starbucks and anti-gay Chick-Fil-A. If I like it I like it. And we have a pic of me with my new camera. Whelp, I'm off to finish my tea and do all the cleanin' I never did.


  1. You have me in a giggle fest. Cute write up and I really like your ducky feet! Via TWB.

  2. I love it! Sometimes there's no agenda, you just like what you like! Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Exactly! I also try not to think what's behind the things I enjoy. Better that way

  3. So sorry you were feeling bad on Christmas!!! That is no fun!!! Love your slippers!!!

  4. So sorry you had the flu! And yes, I enjoy things that contradicts each other too. *shrugs shoulders*

  5. You so blogged before me. I'm wiped out. Love the slippers!

  6. ah, sad that you were feeling bad on christmas!
    looks like youre getting to relax somewhat, though!

    new follower/reader!
    - charlie a.

  7. I love your pajamas and I love the Robertson family! And yay for a new camera!!!


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