Gimme them cookies for I have yo babies |

Dec 19, 2013

Gimme them cookies for I have yo babies


So, we gotta talk for a momento. Today is sort of like my TBT post. You know, the ones people do every Thursday. Well, today you 'bout to get one of those in the form of a Christmas post.

It was Christmas of 92. Hey I should start singin' Summer of 92 and change the lyrics to that. Anyways, back on track. It was Christmas of 92 and my Momma was beyond pregnant. Ya see, I was to have a little sister. Well, actually I thought it was gonna be a little brother and I was excited about that. My Momma tells the story that I begged and begged for a sibling and Le Parents finally decided to give me one. Ok, now I'm fibin' on that part. Y'all I can remember bein' in H.S and my Momma picked me and a fran up from band practice. I don't know how the conservation turned to this but she looks back at us and goes, " Condoms don't always work. Take your sister for example." So, yes, my sister was an accident. Wonder if she knows this? Back to the story. Is was December 22nd and I was actin' a fool. At the time my Momma was the director of the childcare I attended. Someone decide3d to give us Christmas Cookies as a gift. On the ride home I started hoopin' and hollerin' cause I wanted some cookies but my Momma told me not before dinner. Y'all I acted a plump fool. I was five, sue me. Apparently I was fallin' all over the floor and everything. I ended up gettin' a spankin' but it did nothin'. My Momma says they would spank me and I would just yell, "So, that ain't hurt. Y'all need to do it harder." I then remember my aunt giving me a few pop with this huge red belt but I still kept screaming and causing a commotion. Right after this is when my Momma tried to restrain me. I ended up kicking her really hard in the stomach. By this time my Daddy had had enough and he locked me outside the house. I remember him sayin, "If you gonna act like an animal then I'll treat you like one." Y'all I was terrified of the dark at 5 years old. Needless to say, I shut p real quick and they let me back in the house. Yep, you guessed it. A few hours later my Momma went into labor at 7months thus bringin' my sister, Alyssa Diamond into the word on December 23rd 1992. And no, till this day I still ain't get them cookies. And yes my name is Aleshea Dominique. Ask her why she gave us similar names. Rumor has it my Daddy wanted to name my sister Francesia (sp) but my Momma said, "hell no."

My Momma begged the hospital to let her come home on Christmas. I was stayin' at my God Mothers house and I remember walkin' in all excited to see my toys and what Santa had brought me. My Momma tells the story that when she asked if I wanted to see my new baby sister I replied, "No, where my toys?" And, yes, I didn't get them toys till late.

Growin' up my Momma loved to remind me of this story when I was in trouble of fightin' with my sister. She would always joke that I should be nicer to her cause I could have really caused some damage. But lookin' back now she thinks she would have gone into labor anyway cause we were both born at  about 7 months. I might have been closer to 6 months.

Y'all remember in yesterdays post when I said I would get joint presents with the sister. That's what the top pic is. She always got the short end of the draw having a birfday so close to Christmas. I remember that year my Momma forgot to set aside a present for her so she took a joint Christmas present and let her open it. Ha it was fine by me cause that meant we got to watch the movie before Christmas. 

Yep, that's all I got.


  1. I LOVE the photos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Why did I literally holler when I read the title of your post? lol I loved your and my little sis seem a lot alike as kiddies...just bad!

  3. Love the pic of you with your presents.

  4. Ahh fun story! Ha, you can say that you couldn't wait to meet your little sister and just decided to hurry things along :) Go bake some cookies for yourself!

  5. What a fun story and I love the last one...the look...PRICELESS! ;) To me it says, don't you dare touch or take my toys. LOL Thanks for sharing girl!

  6. This is such an awful story but I think it's absolutely hilarious. You should have seen Sean's face when I told him (the very condensed version). haha!


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