Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights |

Dec 16, 2013

Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights


"Don't be tardy for the party!" Anyone else start singin' this song when they saw my post go up all late? Well, we can be frans if you did. And no I don't watch that show anymore. It is a bigger mess than Kim's weave.  You see what had happened was.... we ain't put up no outside decorations. I could lie and say it was the weather but I won't. We never intended to put up anything. All we did this year was buy a new door hanger and there is a standing stuffed reindeer by our door. All the fancy blow ups, lights and junk my Momma swears she need every year is chillin' nicely in boxes in the garage.

Since we didn't put up much this year I decided to ride around town and get some pics. To bad most people had the same idea we did. I was talkin' to my aunt about it and she thinks it's the economy. I think it's that plus a combination of the ice storm. People just didn't want to be bothered this year. I was able to get a few snaps that you see above. Is it the same where y'all live? Has light turnout decreased? Like literally no one put up lights. Even the famous houses in town that play music and draw the media every year Skipped out.


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