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Jan 7, 2014

Everyone dies famous in a small town


I know y'all have to know that song. If you don't, than honey we need to talk ASAP. Did I ever tell y'all that in college I was frans with a boy who was from Miranda Lambert's small town?!?! There's a line in the song where she says, "We heard he was caught red handed with her Mama" and that's his aunt. Y'all I can't listen to this song without chucklin' every time it gets to that line. But, this song is not what this post is about. Wait, the town I hung out in most of Saturday isn't really that small anymore. It was small when I was growin' up and still has that feel and family owned businesses. So maybe this song doesn't apply and we should just act like I didn't just write about it.

My Momma got a restaurant coupon as a Christmas gift from work. The idea of the gift card is you go online and find a restaurant that is under the list and you can visit it. I was bein' a nice, grown-daughter-who-is-stuck-livin'-at-home-cause-of-the-economy, and  looked up the company, fine print etc. Since I did all the grunt work, I decided that I should pick the restaurant. I decided on Meteor Burger in Wylie Texas. Wylie Texas is a decent sized town just a town or two over from us. Growin' up we always played them in football. My school never stacked up much against them but that's ok cause freshman year of H.S. we competed against them at a band competition in Disney World. I will never forget that feelin' when they called our H.S. as overall winners of the competition. I'd like to say that being the top H.S Band in the US out of a couple hundred schools was the best part but really we were just happy to have finally beaten Wylie at something. Dang, I should of went and found the picture of me running through Disney World with a trophy bigger than my body. Remember on Sunday's post when I talked about how little I used to be. And they say that when you get older no one cares about the things you did in H.S. And that's why I like havin' a blog. I can write about these things and pretend that y'all care.

Anyway, Meteor Burger, is a nice old fashioned burger joint. Y'all I can't even tell ya how good this food was. Saturday was the last day for me to eat like this because I started a fast with my church. It's been rough but i'll always have the memories of Meteor Burger to tide me over for the next few weeks. But we have to stop for a minute and talk about how good their sweet tea and lemonade was. It was all fresh and homemade and I have never tasted something so good in my life. Even the grilled cheese was amazing. Back in college there was a bar and grill right by where I lived that all the college students would visit. It was my favorite and they knew me in there. I didn't even have to place an order. They always knew that I wanted two grilled cheeses and an order of fries. I can remember goin' in and askin' for chips and salsa and the girl just looked at me all dumbfounded and goes, " You want that with the grilled cheeses and fries?" HA! Point is, I am a grilled cheese connoisseur and If I approve then you know it's amazin'. Yes I just tooted my own horn and yes you can kick rocks.

While I was in the restaurant I felt weird takin' all these pics. My Momma and sister were like you should tell them you blog. Y'all it's still weird for me to be in public tellin' people this. I can talk with my frans about it all day long but I don't know why but talkin' to strangers about it weird's me out at times. As we were leavin' my my proceeds to tell the owners all about  my blog and the man was so excited. Y'all I turned into a little kid and was just tryin' to slink out of the restaurant. Everyone was really nice and he gave me some extra menus and things for my post. If we hadn't have already gotten a discount I'm sure they would have given me one. Oh and I should probably mention that everything was under 7 dollars. Y'all know that's what I'm talkin 'bout.

After dinner we decided to drive a few streets over and hang out in their downtown. Really, I just wanted to take pictures and test out my new camera. But all jokes aside: the family time was the best part. Y'all know that my word for 2014 is love and I'm sure in a few weeks you'll be tired of me writin' about it. Things like our Saturday afternoon/night help me realize that it doesn't have to be some big grand gesture to make it happen. It could be as simple as agreein' to dinner with your sister and Madre. 


  1. Awesome post! I love lookin in on little corners of other people's worlds!

  2. How cute!!! Love that about the Miranda Lambert song!!

  3. Dang this places look like some good spots to stop at!

  4. love that song and the food looks awesome!

  5. Was it restaurant.com or another site? Mmm grilled cheese. Now I want one. How cute about the whole blogging discussion :)

  6. I think I have only been to Wylie once and i t was just passing through! This looks like a place we need to try, though! Yum!

  7. I NEED those rocking chairs in my life :) Really cute!

  8. i love your blog,its so sincere and cute :) i love the foods you are eating guys
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

    1. Why thank you Ozden. Lovely comments are lovely. Here's to Thursday.

  9. OMG! I eat here often! Yea, for highlighting Wylie, TX. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

    Tiffany (your Little!!)


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