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Jan 5, 2014

"I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out."

Hey girl hey! How y'all been? Y'all betta have spent the weekend spreadin' warmth and love! It's ok if you didn't cause I'm bout to spread some warmth and love your way via GlassesUSA.com. See what I did there? I know, I'm really startin' to get the hang of this bloggin' thang! *Makes click click noise with mouth and points finger at computer screen while tryin to keep le glasses on my face!*

Wait, let's back it up and get real personal. Y'all know I told ya I would never show pictures from that awkward middle school phase. Just imagine me: smaller, shorter, bigger eyeglasses that covered my face, a pink cheetah shirt I never took off and a flute that I kept by my side as I'd run to catch the bus. And I wondered why those few years were rough. Really wish someone would' a told me. Y'all it was a travesty! A few years back when I went off to college a random boy came up to me on the yard and goes, " I think I went to middle school with you. Weren't you the girl with the big purple glasses and the flute who was always runnin' in the hallways not to miss her bus?" All I could muster was, " Maybe? But please don't remember me from middle school!"

Those of you that wear glasses know this hits you right in the feels. See, back in middle school when I started wearin' glasses, I would always see the cutest glasses when I would go to the eye doctor but he would always tell me that it wasn't covered with my insurance. Then he would pull out this wooden box with the ugliest glasses known to man and my soul would die a little every visit.

Point bein': If I had know about buyin' eyeglasses online many of my problems would have been solved. Basically, next time I'm in that dreaded doc's office, I'mma say, "Naw I just want the prescription please", and Then I'll  buy glasses from GlassesUSA at a much cheaper price. No, really I will!  My prescription is expired and it's time for a visit.

Now you can do the same. BAM!
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And yes the comedian Steven Wright udder my post title.


  1. I LOVE GlassesUSA too :) What you're saying you'll do at the eye doctor next time is EXACTLY what I did last time so I could order my glasses online! I love them and I'm so happy with their fit and everything!

  2. I love your new glasses! They look great on you. :) Thanks for the discount code.

    1. Whenever I get discounts I'm all, "give me all the free stuff!" HA! Thanks for the love

  3. I LOVE that pic of you....you're so smiley! And I so had awful glasses all through childhood and middle school too...though probably I just had bad taste and didn't realize glasses could be cute.

  4. I am a big glasses wearer. Contacts irritate my eyes, but I also just like the look of glasses on my face. You look great in those pictures-- the frames just seem to fit you!

    1. Thank you my dear. And I know what you mean. Now that I'm getting older I wear my glasses more and more with less and less shame

  5. LOL at the "he would pull out this wooden box with the ugliest glasses known to man and my soul would die a little every visit." because YAAAAASSSS! This was me every stinkin year until I got contacts!! I've been so scared from that I haven't gotten a new pair of glasses in 6 years! LOL


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