Girl is loud and country as cornbread |

Jul 1, 2013

Girl is loud and country as cornbread

Time to follow the sheep-el and link up my shenanigans 

So I hear you Nosy Rosey wanna hear what I've been up to all weekend. Well, let me tell ya.
1)  Took Ruthie to Chuckie Cheese on Friday
2) Helped Bestran Numero Uno move. Now she will be living a hour from me instead of 6. 
The pic of her parking the truck attached to her Granddad's trailer is where the title of the post came from.
3) I went on a family walk through one of the trails behind the High School. You can check out the vids on Instargam.



  1. You certainly were video happy on instagram. Mine didn't autonupdate to video so I finally installed it this weekend...and didn't realize the vids play automatically.

    You started talking (I was scrolling through in bed), and my poor husband was like "what the heck are you doing over there!?"

  2. The title is a hoot! Sounds like a fun weekend

  3. You already know I love your blog post titles. Wish I was that creative!! And your pictures are adorable, as always.


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