Thursday, we put tattoos on rednecks while shoutin' 'Merica |

Jul 8, 2013

Thursday, we put tattoos on rednecks while shoutin' 'Merica

Weekend Shenanigans with Sami
THURSDAY: Happy 4th y'all

SATURDAY: Deep Ellum is where we be

Thursday I helped my Momma's Girl Scout booth at the "Fireworks on Main" our town does every year. We brought information for parents who might be interested in Girl Scouts but we spent more time putting temporary patriotic tattoos on people. Y'all we saw more parents than anything. I was putting tattoos on thighs, legs,ankles, backs etc. Our booth was free so it saw a lot of traffic in we got quite a bit in donations. Plus my sister (the one with the side braid)  had the bright idea to sale our leftover water at two for a dollar. 

Friday I hung out at a friends apartment but did not take pics. They asked that I blog about our failed cheese sauce. The boy ran out of flour so they decided to use pancake batter to make a rue for the cheese sauce. It was a hot ol' mess, y'all! But the homemade pretzels were still good. 

Saturday we hung out in Deep Ellum in the afternoon and then that night we helped Ride or Die make baby shower invitations for a family friend. I'l have to ask her the blog name of the lady who originally did these so I can give her credit for the idea. What y'all do this 4th weekend? I hope it was a blast!



  1. What fun pictures!! Looks like a good time. My little guy loves those Mickey Mouse shaped lunchable things.

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