And so I did cause royalty sparkles sparkled on me. |

Jul 2, 2013

And so I did cause royalty sparkles sparkled on me.

Cara Box late linkup time. 

This month I received a package from Ann Marie at Royalty Sparkles and sent to Madi from And so I did. Y'all see what I did there? *smiles as she stares at her post title* Y'all make sure and go show Madi some love. She just got her package from her Dads house cause she was on her honeymoon. Girl, I'm so glad you liked the package. I'm also glad it arrived safely. I was so paranoid since I knew you were soaking it up in Hawaii and that package would be all by it's lonesome. But I must admit:I didn't want all the pretty stuffing Ann Marie sent to go to waste so I used some of it when I sent your package.

Ann Marie, girl I got your package like the same day you sent me that email. To say I was in love is an understatement.

  1. Elephants are my absolute favorite. The fact that you wrote your note on the elephant was the best.
  2. I ate all the Twizzlers right after I took this pic. Notice that the candy is already opened in the pic.
  3. The suckers are about gone too.
  4. Yes, everything does taste better out of a Mason Jar
  5. Now I have to hide the Mason Jars cause my Seester is trying to get her hands on them for a project.
Welp, it's been real y'all. Off to do more productive things. I think I'll start by brushing my teeth. 



  1. Looks like a fabulous lil package :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! I sent my husband to get some "carnival candy" when I was at work and he came back with 2 bags of the suckers. One was already opened when he came home... :)
    PS: apparently I'm a "no-reply" blogger, which is so befuddling to me because I can't figure out how to change it...

  3. mmmm...I LOVE tootsie roll pops!

    but seriously, I sent you the best cara box of all time. ALL TIME!



  4. Hey! I found your blog through the blog hop :) I am looking forward to following your blogging adventures, I love it already! Be sure to check out my blog at

    -Jess @ Forever Convinced

  5. What a cute idea-- Royalty Sparkles is a gem-even in person

    SGBC in the house

  6. What a fun package to receive in the mail! And what fun things to have inside it, too!

    Just wanted to come over and introduce myself, as I stumbled upon your blog at the Southern Girls Blogging Community on FB and am also in Texas. Hello!


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