The sage of: Life of Ms. Aleshea continues |

Oct 3, 2013

The sage of: Life of Ms. Aleshea continues

Some days you just need a good bout of silliness to get you through. Today I had a toilet paper fight with the kiddos at work. Pause, for those who didn't know that I work at an afterschool program with a local school district during the year; now you do. I'll honestly tell you that I don't hate my job, but I also didn't go to college for five years to stay underemployed. I'm grateful for the little stability the jobs brings but I need and deserve better.

Anyways a while back I started this series called Life of Ms. Aleshea. No names are given but I do like to quote the "funny/ridic" things the kids says to me. Now that I have been moved schools I've decided to bring this back. Yep you heard right: I am no longer in the ghetto. The school district lost the grant and now all the kids have to pay. Y'all know that means enrollment within the "low income" schools is down so I got moved schools. I got moved to one of the richer schools in the school district and it's like I've stepped into a whole other world. Instead of jokes about dead beat dads the kids in turn like to ask me about science theories and what happened in WW11. I don't hate the new school by any means but I did feel like I was making more of a difference at the other school. Well, let's get to the crazy stories shall we.

T: Did you know that when you die you get a second chance at life if you go to heaven? Your body is just your shell but your spirit lives on.
Me: Smiles
T: Hey yo momma so fat even Dora couldn't explore her
Me: Smh as I walk off.
W: Ms. Aleshea that must of been a travesty for you? How did it make you feel?
Me: Wait. y'all weren't alive then?
J: No we learned about it in class today! Did you know it's been 12 years since it happened?
T: You momma so stupid she put oil on the kitchen fire and caused a gas pocket explosion 
T: Yo Momma so fat when they cut her open gravy came out.
T: You Momma so fat that when she died she got stuck in the air.
J: Yo Momma so poor when she lit a candle the mice came out singing, " thank the Lord we have heat
W: Y'all I think these are just really rude insults.  


  1. the 9/11 one kills me. I was in high school and I can't wrap my head around the fact that there are people walking this earth now who weren't there!

  2. My sister teaches social studies and realized she was going to have to add a section on 9/11 because the kids know nothing about it! Isn't that crazy to think about?


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