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Apr 26, 2014

T U V... W


The A-Z ChallengeA-Z Challenge is comin' to a close in a few days and I for one couldn't be more grateful. Y'all I had forgotten I signed up for the dern thing and in return was ill planned to do this. It didn't help that my site was down for like two weeks while I got things switched over with GoDaddy. Speakin' of that.. can we talk about how excited I am to be back up and runnin'? Well, I am.Anyways, Letters V and W are gonna be together cause I say so. V for vision and w for weekend since i'm writin' this on the weekend.

So, as y'all have seen lately I have been cleanin' things up on the blog and my social media sites. Trying to move in a new direction and re-encompass everythin' I want in this blog. I'm slowly workin' so that by mid summer I can move to self hosted. With some of the changes I'm doin', I wanna focus more on puttin' together a weekly newsletter and havin' that be how people stay in contact.

I say all that to say: ideas?
I wanna hear how y'all are doin'. Is your blog where you want it to be? Is it what you thought it would be when you started? How do you keep readers engaged and receiving new content?

I'm also workin' on puttin' together a little intro vid that not only introduces the blog but the person behind the blog. So if y'all have any questions or things your just itchin' to know about me, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment lettin' me know.

Y'all have a fabulous Sunday. I'm to a watch party cause one of the Popes is gonna be made a Saint in a few hours. Apparently it's a big deal.


  1. I had a introductory video as well on my blog. I recently took it down b/c I'm working on a new one that's more relevant to the shift I'm taking my blog in. I have always gotten good responses from people b/c of it. I think that as we grow & develop, it's a continual process of tweaking & making changes. Best Wishes!!

  2. LMAO!
    Yeah, it's been quite a month. This is my third time at it and it doesn't get any easier.
    But I get to meet cool people and great blogs like yours and that makes me do the Snoopy Dance.

  3. all the blog logistics go way over my head with so many companies to work with. Love the blog! And yes Happy sunday :)


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