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Apr 22, 2014

Jay & Yvonne 8/49

Photographed in Texas
Consider this the eight installment of I am the South and the South is me: Southern Portraits: The Artist

Late! That's what I am. I like to blame it on my Southern roots or the color of my skin but that'd be to pretentious of me. They're waitin'. Of course they are... "What brought y'all to Texas", I ask. "A Greyhound Bus", he replies. I laugh nervously as he recounts his first night in Dallas. He slept on a park bench until he was arrested. The next morning the police told him they just wanted to give him a hot shower and food. They welcomed him to Texas but let it be known he couldn't sleep in the park. He looks over at his wife as she responds, "I'm a drive by Texan- from Georgia. I drove by and never left." I pause to write as Kasey Musgraves fills my ears. It booms from the speaker in the middle of the room. For honorary Texans, I'm pleasantly surprised by their taste in music. 
7-11. My head snaps up. 7-11 they repeat. It's where we met in 1984. Married 30 years and two kids later, the love they have for each other and life evident. I can't help but smile as I refuse the second cup of coffee and handful of Texas made chips & Salsa. 
And so the artist who proclaims: "Free speech. Free art; but it's not free", bids me farewell as I smile at their life, hospitality and love. 


We are Yvonne & Jay

We are the South and the South is us

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  1. Love the "we met at 7-11!"

    Stranger things have happened...

  2. Their 30 years are an inspiration, for sure!

  3. Awesome and cute.. love the drive by Texan! (and Kasey Musgraves)...

  4. Love these people! Their decor says it all about their verve for life.

    Over visiting from the A to Z.

    1. It really does say it all. And thanks for stopping by.

  5. How fun! What's hanging on their walls?

  6. Bullet she'll art that Jay makes. You can read all about it in the post I wrote entitled Bog at the beginning of the month.


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