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Apr 23, 2014

What would your momma say


#SouthernEats- Celebration Restaurant

Celebration Restaurant has been a staple in Dallas since 1971. I had texted Sherry to see if she wanted to meet at Sonny Bryan for lunch. It's on the #TravelinTexan list. When she found out I hadn't been to Celebration, our plans quickly changed. But I found out late last night that my Momma used to take me their a lot when I was little. It was one of her favorite resturants. I just didn't remember.

The Restaurant is what I'd like to call down home cookin'. Food that gets in your belly and warms your soul. The kinda good your Granny would make. Well, I hope ya Granny makes this kind of food. Sorry, for ya if she don't. And no you can't have my Granny. Ok, maybe I'll share some of her recipes but that's all ya get.

The menue changes from dinner and supper. I ordered the chicken and dumplin's and man oh man were they blessin' my soul and my heart. Not even my Granny could make dumplin's that good. Wait, chicken and dumplin's is like the only thing my Granny can't make next to Pecan Pie. Well, Y'all get the point. Y'all know my sentences get all cray cray, makes no sense, and butchers grammar when I get excited about somethin'.

The restaurant is in a nicer part of Dallas close to the Preston Hollow area. Remember how I said Dallas is in districts? Well, now ya do. I loved the atmosphere of the place. The patio was gorgeous but we were unable to sit there because the wait was to long and we only had a short time for lunch. We opted to sit inside and it was just as lovely.

Celebration has been featured in  D magazine, Southern living, Texas Monthly to name a few. Y'all know those are some of my favorite magazines. 

We finished lunch off with some Apple Cobbler and Lord Jesus was it amazin'. Our waiter kept laughin' at us cause we can be kind of loud and full of life when we are in public. When the waiter asked us if we wanted ice cream on our cobbler I accidentally yelled, "Oh amen," when I found out the ice cream would be Bluebell. Y'all that waiter didn't know what to do with himself. He didn't know whether to laugh or be professional and pretend he didn't hear us. 

What's life if you ain't livin' it to it's fullest... But all that aside. You need some Celebration in your life ASAP.
And if you're wonderin' about the title: I was tryin' to steal Sherry's pickle. I was trying to use a fork to cut the pickle. She looks at me and goes, "Use a knife. What would your mother say?" We were both laughin' so hard and knew that would be the title.


  1. I want to go! Such a gorgeous facility!

  2. That waiter needs to get with the program!

  3. For as long as I was in Dallas, I never ate there. The sandwiches looks amazing!

    Chene @SGBC

    1. Haha, you need to next time you're here. They even have healthy and veggie options

  4. Okay, I've lived here 33 years and have never heard of this place! What's wrong with me?! Looks and sounds delicious! We have to make our way over there. (We mostly stay South of I20)

  5. This looks so good. I love home cooking. If I ever go there I'll make sure to stop by.


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