Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 2} |

Feb 12, 2013

Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 2}

They're are so many things I want to write about this week but so little days. I guess some shall have to spill over to next week.

Since everyone found this funny last week and the kids have been at it agin... I give y'all "Life of Ms. Aleshea" week two.

Thursday I missed work because Green Bean started actin' a fool when I left the swanky law firm. Apparently the kids missed me on Thursday and I got to hear all about it when I returned on Friday

D: Ms. Aleshea you messed up the flow yesterday.
Me: Why?
D: There weren't enough teachers and we couldn't go to the gym.
Me: Sorry Green Bean wasn't working
D: You couldn't have taken the bus?
Me: No, sorry!
K: Well you need to go to and they got you.
Me; Oh really
D: Ms. Aleshea, I'll give you my eleven dollars so you can go to PepBoys and get your car fixed.
The five boys standing around me start singing the PepBoys commercial.
Me: Laughing so hard
J: So will you take us to the gym today
I: So you gonna let me have another snack right...
Me: I start to walk away laughing
K: you know you love us Ms. Aleshea.

After snack time
P: You betta put some water in it and act like its juice.

D: *Starts snapping at me* I got ANOTHER 100. *begins to dance* Come on we got another essay to write.
 D: B tried to rape K
Me: Don't say that. You don't even know whst it means
D: Uh huh
D: Do you need to go back to kindergarten and learn your languages?
E: I know my speech
T: I feel y'alls spit from here to Mexico.
Stay tuned cause I'm sure the kids will have plenty for me to write about next week. Tonight is our V-day dance and I'm gonna try my hand at Cake Balls and Cake Pops. I love to bake for the kids and they love to eat what I bake. I can always count on them to try something and give me their honest opinion. Check back tomorrow, and I'll show y'all what I end up making for them. 

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