MHMP {Week 8}: The Southern Wedding Addition |

Feb 25, 2013

MHMP {Week 8}: The Southern Wedding Addition

Don't stop believin'

 I love weddings. Especially Old Southern Money ones. 

One: I put on for city. On, on for my city
Two:Lunch with the Bestfriend Numero Due
Three: Saturday I helped my bestfriend Casey with a wedding reception she was coordinating. 
Let me explain:
The bestfriend works for Old Red Museum  They are the history of Dallas Museum. It is downtown in the old court house. We make jokes because most people forget they are a museum first and for most or come looking for Dealy Plaza. Dealy Plaza is where JFK was shot and there is now an entire museum dedicated to him as well as a plaza. The museum is in the building he was shot in on the same floor.
Dallas is one of the top places to have a wedding and we get a ton of out of staters who come here for their wedding. Dallas also has the highest average in the state of what people are willing to spend on a wedding. it is over $30,000. The Old Red Museum is ONE OF the top places in Dallas to have your wedding and or reception. The Top of the museum overlooks downtown and it is gorgeous. Literally the majority of the revenue generated by the museum is from the weddings and receptions. The museum is ALWAYS in D Wedding (Magazine focused on Dallas Weddings. One issue is 8 dollars. Told y'all we do Old Southern Money better then y'all) The bestfirend knew someone who went to school with the bride and groom. She was in over her head and she offered to help coordinate towards the end. Y'all, it was the cutest wedding reception EVER! Belles, you really NEED to get on my level. I saw enough pearls, Jack Rogers, Lilly Dresses, Bow ties, Texas Beer, and big hair to last me a while. I swear it was as if every girl flipped through the Spring Lilly Catalog and bought their dress for the wedding/reception. Jim Lee catered the event and that in itself was AMAZING. If y'all didn't know, which I'm sure you didn't, they are like the TOP catering company in Dallas. The food ain't cheap but it is so good. They are known for their fried Mac & Cheese Martini bar. (Only in Texas) Her cake came from Pinini Bakery and it was soo gorg. (another top bakery in Dallas.)

I LOVED the Oscars and now have to see all the movies. I'm glad award season is over until the Country Music starts doing it's awards. Award season is tiring.


  1. I love weddings and seeing people put their personalities into them. I love the umbrella.
    A mac and cheese bar sounds awesome!!!

    New follower!! Check me out!


  2. At this rate you need to quit both jobs and become a wedding planner! You know all the oh la la people! Go girl!


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