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Feb 15, 2013

Friday's Letter

All the sweet tea if you know this EPIC Country Duet from back in the day. This song gets me so hype and I forgot all about it till yesterday when I put my Itunes on shuffle: "Who would of thought those Arabs would have bought the US of A just to give it to the Jews."

Dear James: Happay FREAKIN' Birfday kid! 
Dear poor kiddos: Thanks for ALL the candy. No time out for you this week
Dear Self: Wear red more often. 
Dear Today's Lunch Time Shopping Trip: Don't break my debit card. 
Dear Texas Weather: Give me all the warm weather. It has been entirely to cold. 
Dear Rental Car:I LOVE you and you are NEVER going back.  
Dear Wisconsin Mens Bball Team: What happened last night? 
Dear Ruth: I can't wait to babysit you tomorrow. Just know that nap time is not optional.
Dear Bank of America: Thanks for notifying me via phone that my paycheck just hit my bank account.
Dear Work To-Do List: Do yourself.
Dear Stef: Thanks for informing me that the big machine, in the kitchen on our side, is for tea. You are now my favorite secretary EVER!
Dear Y'all: I give all y'all sweet tea and hugs. Let's float the Guadalupe together this spring. I'll even buy your tube.
Dear New Followers: Hi, I'm Aleshea pronounced Alicia or Alisha. I LOVE sweet tea and watch way to much Reality-TV. I'm obsessed with Texas and love to joke about people who pretend they are more Southern than they are. You are never allowed to take away my sweet, "Bless my Heart" or tell me "Hell No" unless I say otherwise. I LOVE to cook and wanna be just like Paula Dean/ Mindy Wise without all the diabetes and nonsense. I also hate Turkey Bacon. That ish don't crunch like it should. 


P.S I need some cute koozies in my life. Help. I want them for my desk so my drinks can stoping ruining the important papers the lawyers keep handing me.


  1. It's warm here today too. I love leather boots, but I can wear them next fall. Brang it, springtime!

  2. You look great in red! Go girl!


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