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May 26, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.
Left: At a Girl Scout Swim Party  Right: In Austin at my Gold Award Ceremony 2007

I wanted to get this post up earlier today but I was sick. No joke y'all, I almost threw up all over a lady at church. I didn't make it to the bathroom but at least I missed her. Hahah, my shirt was not as blessed. I debated and said a prayer on how I wanted today's post to go. I had a Boy Scout article that was much more controversial but I said a prayer and decided against it. I guess it makes me lame that I pray over some of my blog post. Oh well. Maybe one day I will start makin' waves and pissin' people off with the topics I blog about. But today is not that day.

I've mentioned before that I am very active in Scouting. We shall leave it at that. Well in Girl Scouts the highest award you can earn is your Gold Award. It is the equivalent of a Boy Scout becoming an Eagle Scout. For my Gold Award Project I hosted a family fun day back in 2006. To gain entrance to the event families had to bring items that could be made in care packages for the troops. We collected enough items to make 650 care packages. I wanted to post pics but they all are a hot mess and I don't really have any pics of the actual care packages.

So, Aleshea, what does this have to do with the prompt Jenni gave us? Well, you see, the article I have is about the troops. I was reading Megan's blog the other day and she posted a link to the article. I LOVED the article and wanted to post it for today's topic. I know that recruits come from everywhere but sometimes I joke that more of them come from the South. Y'all don't know how man frans I have that went and joined the Military. It's like that have nothing else to do around here so the go into the Military to prove themselves or find themselves. True Story. Heck the Navy just gave me back one of my bestfrans. How rude of them to keep him overseas for so long.

The link I am providing is from Yahoo and it is entitled "Soldiers' portraits before, during and after war" Y'all check it out here.

Day 26 of 31 is safely posted.
And if you missed yesterday's nonsense about the creeper check it out here.


  1. That was hard to look at, but I love the idea. The baby boys especially...too soon to have those bags under their eyes. :/

  2. Those pictures were haunting. The look in their eyes after they got back was so different from when they went. Thanks for sharing!


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