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May 29, 2013

I'm Just a Musical Prostitute My Dear

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

Today's post has been the one I was most excited and frightened for. I've mentioned on the blog before that I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they pin on Pinterest, what they carry in their purse and what music they listen to. If y'all haven't noticed by now, I am passionate about music. Summing my life in five songs is darn near impossible. Heck, most of my post titles are song lyrics or quotes by singers.

Maybe it's the fact that I played instruments growing up. Ok,  maybe I only played the flute and pretended I could play the piano and guitar but y'all get the point. I've thought over songs for days now when I saw this prompt. I just kept thinking how the songs I leave will be all that's left to judge me on. Yes, I vote on American Idol, XFactor and The Voice weekly. It's no secret that Country music/ TX Country is my favorite genre but that doesn't mean I don't like or appreciate all genres of music. OTH introduced me to many a song back in the day. I can think back to my middle school days when  I would lock myself in my room and jam out to Sum 41 cause I felt they were the only ones who got me. Or Sara Evans "Born to Fly" because she understood and wanted to get out of her small nowhere town too. That I fangirled like a pro in my early H.S. years at many a Christian Rock Concert. I can still remember my paw paw sining "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" when we visit him in Mississippi. Or the first Country song I fell in love with and hooked me on the genre. Time McGraw, "Don't take the girl"

I could tell you that the first time I heard "Slow dancing in a burning room" by John Mayer I cried like a baby. That may or may not be because a boy at the time had me listen to the song. And then I could go on to say that I may or may not have developed a love affair with Stone Sour because of the same boy. I can't listen to Dashboard Confessional Stolen without being creeped out cause a boy I  knew all of a few day,s and didn't feel the same way about, dedicated this to me. Or I could tell you that I'm such a huge Spice Girls fans that I dropped everything so I could see them in concert when they had their big reunion across country. Or that Lauren Alaina's deubt album could have been the soundtrack to my H.S. years and Jana Kramer's debut album could have been the Soundtrack to my early College years. Or that I cried when Kellie Pickler started following me on Twitter. Maria Mena tweeting me darn near gave me a heart attack and Marty Roe will leave his wife and sing me to sleep every night.

Nope, I won't tell y'all none of that. Instead I'll just leave five of my all time favorite songs and be sad that the prompt doesn't call for more.

Old Memory by Ashton Shepherd on Grooveshark

I could listen to Ashton Shepherd ALL day for the rest of my life. I listen to this song on repeat for hours.
Like a Stone by Audioslave on Grooveshark

Chris Cornell is my ish...

Your Glasses by Maria Mena on Grooveshark

Y'all probably didn't know who Maria Mena was. Now you do.

How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood on Grooveshark

How Great Thou Art Jesus
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas on Grooveshark
Just Carry on my Wayward Son

Really you could just post anything from:
The Civil Wars, Alexz Johnson, CCR, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ray Lamontagne, Pistol Annies, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, A Fine Frenzy and I would be ok with it.

But if they ever find my cold lifeless body in an alley somewhere with nothing but my Iphone, these are the five songs I don't mind being judge on. I hope the killer would then be gracious enough to delete all other song history.


  1. Carry on my Wayward Son is going to be playing in my head all day now!

  2. Oh my word, Carrie Underwood singing how great thou art is incredible! So talented and the song is so amazing!

  3. I loooove to hear Carrie Underwood sing that!!

  4. Hahah! I loved your narrative before the songs. I also cranked Sum 41 and fangirled at Christina rock concerts like no ones business, but Dashboard Confessional makes me cry like an angry, angry baby.

    Great round up on the song choices!!

  5. I found myself just saying "yes" throughout this entire post. Lol! Are you talking about Alexz's stuff post Instant Star or her music from the show?

  6. Great list! Never heard of some of these before.

  7. Lovely song pics!! How Great Thou art gives me chills, but I also love the Just Carry on my Wayward Son. Goodness you got your groove on gurrrl.

  8. Love the list - it's a great mix! And the post title made me giggle.

  9. So excited to see Maria Mena on your list. I thought I was the only one that listened to her.


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