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May 29, 2013

MD- TX- NY: Who doesn't love gifts

Bam! Here is my Cara Box Link up
Bam! I love Bekah at Bekahsresolve and all the gifts she gave me.
Bam! We were destined to be bloggity frans
Bam! Go check out Samantha at Hooah and Hiccups and see what I sent her. 
Bam! I adore her and the strength she posesses being a Military Wife.
Bam! Go visit Ms. Kaitlyn at Wifessionals to see what everyone else got and how to sign up and receive amazeballs gifts. 

Bam! I'd promise I will never make a post using amazeballs again but that would be a lie since I said I'd never  use bam! again and clearly I am. Nope, no taking away my sweet tea, "Blessin' My Heart" or tellin' me "Oh Hell No" today. 

Bam! The gifts.


Tea! If I have to explain that then you should get off my internets...
Old Bay Seasoning! Y'all can I put this on pork?
Licorice! So I can eat them in peanut butter
Fancy Bath Stuff! So I can smell clean while prunin'
Big Ol' Book! Cause it's under Rory's Radio. DUH!
Fancy Smanchy Note! Cause great notes are great. And dirty floors are dirty. 

Sleep it is mine. 
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  1. WHAT!? I saw the peanut butter and was like, "I didn't send you that..." then I eat your twizzlers in peanut butter!!?

  2. Girl you crack me up! I thought the peanut butter was part of your gift as well! Licorice in peanut butter? Really?

  3. Books, Tea, Bath additives, and Peanut Butter. That's all I need. Nice gifts!


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