The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all |

May 25, 2013

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)

This is the outfit I was wearing when this story took place. I live in the South. People are always trying to tell me something about myself. I never minded when someone wanted to tell me I had a nice smile or that when I talk it sounds like I'm laughing.  As of late people always ask me if I'm really black. I'm like last time I checked I was. Welp, this story includes none of that. I don't know if it really counts but I'm going to use it anyway.

Working at a law firm in the morning allows me to come across some very interesting people. One of those people would have to be the USPS delivery guy who comes in about once a week. I think it's best if I just retype the text convo I had with my bestfran James and my Ride or Die and let y'all decide. Y'all it's important to note that this boy is a creeper, has braces and slicks all his hair down like he's still in a black 90's boy band. This happened in about a timespan of two weeks at the end of April.

Me: "Ugh why won't creepy people leave me alone. This boy supposed so be delivering our mail. Not trying to get my phone number."
Sherry: "LMFAO WHAT?!?!"
Me: "Girl he got me and caught me off guard. He was like you look young to work here. How old are you. My dumb self goes 25. Then he has me sign. Of course he give me a ghetto pen so he HAS to ask my name. Then he goes, " now you Gonna give me yo phone number. I laughed. Waved my hand at him like I do my kids and said boy bye and walked back towards the copy room. I left him standing there smiling with his braces."
James: "Are you wearing your hair down? Lmao" (That's a running joke between us cause I always have my hair up except for my H.S. Senior pictures)
Me: "Haha nope. I literally did him like my kids at work and when he asked for my number I waved my hand at him and went boy bye as I was walking off. Haha he had braces" 
James: "Lmfao this is why we're friends"

A week later

Me: "Ugh, creepy postage man is at it again. He told me if he was a flower and I walked by he world break away from his steam. I cut him off and walked away. Bwaha who says that." 
James:" That man wants one thing and I'm willing to bet that you cannot help him with that lol"
Me:  "Yes sir. I was down the hall doing something. When I came back to the front reception area( that's where they moved my desk since we're moving soon and it wouldn't make sense to give me an office yet. Plus now I can be the buffer when people come by) he come up to me joking and goes you supposed to be at the desk. I asked if he needed me to sign. He said no June already did it. (She's the secretary near me) that's when he then told me that nonsense. I cut him off and walked away like I had work to do. I walked in the kitchen and pretended I was doing something so the other lawyer near by wouldn't look at me stupid. Then had a LOUD conversation with June about postage just so he could hear me and leave. Ugh.  James, who says these things. Besides they fact that I'm NOT interested. If I wasn't at work he'd get a piece of my mind.
James: " Lol I have no idea who says those things

So that's something someone has said that stuck with me

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  1. Are you really black? Wha???

    As for the UPS man, at least you know you've still got it ;)


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