Green Bean Died (I Think... The Video) |

Jan 17, 2013

Green Bean Died (I Think... The Video)

All the sweet tea taken from Luke Bryan for distracting me while I was driving home from work yesterday!

I am to lazy to write about the nonsense that has been happening the past few days so I am just gonna leave these video links instead. You can forgo the crappy Iphone vids from last night and just watch the one of me explaining everything if you like. I know the bottom one is long but hey, at least y'all get to see the person behind the blog. 

And I give no fracks that my introduction to y'all is a hot ol' mess. 

Yeahm, and if you hear me reference my town as a small town... we are not anymore but we still say we are. It's a joke that would take to long to explain.

Oh and I was about to pee on myself the whole time this was happening last night because I drank entirely to much sweet tea. 

Well the Iphone vids won't upload so y'all are stuck with this nonsese. Hope my fast talkin' hot mess of a self puts a smile on your face this fine Thursday morning. 

Y'all have an AMAZING day. I'm off to figure out life. No but it 9:30 and I haven't had my sweet tea yet. 


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  1. Girl, this is hilarious. I love that you just start talkin to us like we have lunch everyday. You sound highly caffeinated. :)
    I do have a pretty southern accent, but I do talk painfully fast and people don't understand me half the time.
    You crazy. Hahaha!


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