Mondays Hot Mess Post {Week 4} |

Jan 28, 2013

Mondays Hot Mess Post {Week 4}

So I guess this is my weekend update.

Here is today's Monday's Hot Mess Post/ If you don't remember the rules reference here

Is that not the most beautiful. This was my view on the way to work Friday morning. I LOVE fog. It's so eery and beautiful all at the same time.

On Friday there still wasn't much for me to do at work because they were getting me set up on all the equipment. When I showed up I was one of the first ones there so I checked the mail and faxes. They laughed cause I was like, " those are basic life skills and I got that." I spent quite a bit of time dirtying my fancy Banana Republic pants and cleaned out the supply room.

I've come to the conclusion that lawyers are book smart but have no common sense. They go to school for all those years and forget how to do the menial task. But I know they're happy for me cause now they appreciate those who do the task.

Saturday I did nothing but sleep ALL day. Then in the afternoon one my friends texted me and asked if I wanted to craft the state string art floating around Pinterest. She was like, " I knew you'd do it cause you need your Thursday Pinterest post." Gotta love my friends who comment/read and hel with ideas for my blog. Now only if I could get them hobos to follow. (I'll post a tutorial on Thursday)

Sunday was church as usual.

This was me Sunday night working in the Church Nursery

Sunday afternoon was spent at Chuckie Cheese. One of my Godbrothers kids turned two last week and had a birthday party there. (I don't post much about this Godbrother cause he's a deadbeat and in jail) Let me just say that I think CC is cruel and unusual punishment for a little kid. First off he is a nasty rat. Second, it is some creeper in a costume. Third, he scares the mess out of little kids. Plus he is just a hot ol' mess. 

I threatened to delete the bestfran on FB because everytime she post this giveaway on FB it comes to my phone and I don't know why. She is determined to win and posted it probably 20 times this weekend. I kid y'all not. 


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