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Jan 11, 2013

Friday's Letter

 Dear Lee Brice-  Keep singing that beautiful music for me

Dear Bloggers- I know I am new and all but why are there so many frackin' link ups? Is this ALL I'm supposed to do? Surly I can write about whatevs the frack I want and no one will "bless my heart" or slyly tell me "oh hell no!" I love a good link up but geez. (As I link this post. But seriously what is the etiquette on these things)

Dear Giveaways- I love me some free stuff so how do y'all work

Dear Self- Next time don't volunteer to cook all the food for your good friends "I got my first out of college big boy engineering job and apartment houseworming". Self, guess you'll learn when you're slavin' over a hot stove makin' fried chicken, hot water cornbread, Mac & cheese and sweet tea. At least you persuaded Dougherty to make the desserts.

Dear Pretty Pink Bible- Why you no read yourself? Stop wallowing in dust and hop to it.

Dear Children at Work- STAHP it. There ain't enough sweet tea in the world for the nonsense y'all have made me endure this week. P.S. No, I will not help you with your math homework. You already know this so stop asking. Go ask Mr. Louis.

Dear Southern Belles- Y'all been slippin' and lettin' anyone use your title. Y'all need to tell that hot mess child Lea on (Buckwild) she has been voted off the, "Lilly & pearls wearin', sweet tea drinkin', sorority lovin' plantation" Step up yo game.

Dear Jerry Jones- Can I get an AMEN, praise baby Jesus and Hallejurrr... Wait, you say that's to much.

Dear Rob Ryan- How you like the unemployment line? You wanna take Jerry Jones with ya...

Dear Miles Austin- You will leave your GF for me. Yes, I over looked the fact that you are a Yankee.

Dear Ivan the Iphone & Mighty MackBook- Thank you for auto fill and making these job applications go by quicker.

Dear Grean Bean- So apparently you are a hard headed liberal and didn't get the memo so let me tell you again. You ain't that thirsty and don't need no oil but what you need to do is stop flashin' yo check engine light.

Dear American Idol- I am SOOO happy you come back Wednesday. I missed you and your hot mess ness.

Dear Beyonce- Put me on three-way when you FINAlLY call Kim K.

Dear Y'all- I'm glad you think I'm funny. Never  been told I'm funny.


Let Them Eat Cake


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  1. This made me laugh :) Thank you for that!
    You blog is adorable, and probably one of my favorite reads of the day!


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