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Jan 30, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! {Week 2}

So y'all know what time it is. If you are confused then y'all know I have a post for your reference. Just go here

Shall we get started...
I have been on a kick where I pin things that I want to try or do.

I want this and we need to figure out how to make it happen

One of my bestfriends just got he first post college place and I think I'm gonna make one of these for her door. It will be a C and I'll use purple and white instead. 
                                  Source: etsy.com via Aleshea on Pinteres

                         It's Duck Dynasty. Obviously I pinned it.
                          Source: youtube.com via Aleshea on Pinterest

I think I'm gonna make these for Momma for Valentines Day.

                                                             Source: thepaintedhive.blogspot.com via Aleshea on Pinterest

I didn't pin this but one of my bestfriends did and the caption said" birthday present for the bestie perhaps" Umm. yes please. Buy it for me NOW!

Source: rstyle.me via Stephanie on Pinterest

This look so yummy and I might have to try the recipe. It is Strawberry honey butter.                                          

                                                                                                 Source: cookbook-recipes.org via Dreamie on Pinterest

                                     YES! I hope this is real
                                                     Source: pin4fun0207.blogspot.com via Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates on Pinterest
                                          Get in my house.



  1. I love Duck Dynasty! I can't wait until the new season starts!!

  2. I love the letter for the door, too cute, sooooo show us when you do it!


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