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Jan 28, 2013

If You Really Knew Me

                                       I saw Beth posted this and it inspired me to do the same.

... you would know that I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. (man made religion and religion will fail but Jesus is everlasting)

... you would know I'm terrified of escalators after an accident when I was three and they almost had to cut my foot out of one. And then when I was 10 someone pushed me head first down one that was a couple stories high.

...you would know I didn't find out the mangos were out to get me until I turned 22/23

... you would know that my DVR tapes Teen Mom 2 but I can't bring myself to watch it. I cannot handle their stupidity.

...you would know it REALLY annoys me when people say they live South of the Mason Dixon Line. No you don't. The proper saying would be "I live South of The Missouri Compromise Line"

... you would know that I really do get annoyed when people say Texas is not part of the South. (Especially people from Oklahoma, Kentucky & Florida)

... you would know that I don't want to
be in a box when I die. Put be back in the beautiful "Red Texas Dirt"

... you would know that I'm not impressed with you calling yourself a Southern Belle cause you more than likely ain't one. I'll show you Southern Belle and Old Southern Money. Just come to the wealthiest state in the South. (TX of course.)

...you would know that I want to open my own Southern/Texas/Low Country/Down Home Cookin'/Cajun Restaurant and some how title it JoeAnn's (Joe for Joseph. My daddy's name. And Ann from my Granny Annie-Lou

... you would know that as a child I hid in cabinets while eating Cheetos or peanut butter.

... you would know that I think children get me better than adults most days.

... you would know that my daddy died when I was 17. I came home from school on a Monday and I was so happy marching band practice was cancelled. My dad died on the living room floor while momma was on the phone with 911 and I stood at the foot of the stairs watching my neighbor try CPR.

... you would know that I'm serious when I joke Katy Perry had my life growing up.

... you would know that I believe I was born to test tradition and break cultural boundaries.

... you would know that I have a heart for children with special needs. Autism is my speciality and I love the beauty Autistic kids see in the world. (I use to be a caretaker of a teenager with severe and low functioning Autism on the spectrum.)

... you would know that I'm the "least politically correct" person you will ever meet but I will say something if you substitute the word retarded for something you don't like.

... you would know that I could live off Sweet Tea, Crystal Light, Shrimp and Twizzlers.

... you would know that if I call a number and it has an automated message I immediately press 0.

... you would know that I have metal rods in my back from my Scoliosis surgery when I was 16.

...you would know that I was a huge band nerd in HS and schedule my back surgery in the middle of the school year so I wouldn't miss marching season my junior year. (Hey it was a state year) Insert awkward pics of me that shows I was a band nerd. I had such a bad hair cut half of senior year(the last pic)

... you would know that I wore some hideous outfits in my younger years and my momma oughta be slapped for letting me out the house.

...you would know I love to take random pictures in Green Bean.



  1. Found your blog recently and I'm happy I did! What instrument did/do you play?

  2. You sound like a great person to know. :)


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