So you're a blogger... you fancy, huh? |

May 22, 2013

So you're a blogger... you fancy, huh?

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

For the past few days I have been emotionally drained. I decided that I wanted to keep today's post lighthearted and fun. There were a few different things I could rant about and I didn't know which direction I wanted to go. I decided not to talk about the "controversial" topics I normally do in my everyday life. I went with fun. I'm either about to win all the blogging awards or loose them and a ton of followers. Oh well, here we go. This is directed at no one in particular. Here are a few things I see in Blogland that are a hot mess.

  • No Reply Bloggers why are we still worrying with you? Fix your email nonsense so people can actually respond to you. How do you know your a no reply blogger? Simple! You've never gotten an email responding to your comment on someone's blog.

  • Stop responding to comments via your blog. Ain't nobody gonna see that comment. Reply to the email.

  • Stop linking your blog to your PRIVATE Google Plus account. How in God's Green Earth am I supposed to check out your blog when you comment on mine and it takes me to your private page.

  • Stop the madness with this, "I'm a 20 something blah blah blah" I've mentioned this before. STAHP! You are either twenty or you ain't. Put your age or don't.

  • Also stop this nonsense where you tell me to grab a glass of something and stay awhile. How bout I not and pretend I did. I don't know how clean your house is and what you put in said drink. For all I know your sweet tea has only one cup of sugar. Y'all know y'all don't really drink that much wine. And if you do than maybe wee need to start checking your Amanda Bynes Complex.

  • If I follow you it's cause I like you and the content you post. It's such a slap in the face when all you do is spam for more followers. Umm, hello... can you just appreciate the followers you have. What are we chopped liver. I for one think chopped liver is nasty and would prefer not to be one. Numbers mean nothing to me when I never see them commenting on your post.
  •  There is nothing wrong with a good link up or giveaway bui every freakin' day is TOOO much. I followed you for your content. Why would I want to follow all these random blogs I ain't never gonna read. 

  • THIS is probably one of my BIGGEST blogging pet peeves. I think it is the history nerd in me: STAHP, saying you are from below the Mason-Dixon Line. Technically the Mason-Dixon Line established a boundary between Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Just say the state you live in, the region. Or better yet don't post it at all.

  • Put a daggum search bar on your blog. It ain't that hard. How you expect people to get to know you if they can't search for things on your blog.

  • STAHP with all the yellow please and thank you. I know I personally don't wear it cause it makes me look like a banana and bananas are nasty but let's be truthful. Can't nobody see all that nonsense.

  • While we are on this subject, cluttered blogs need to go bye bye. God forbid you have one less sponsor on the side of your page. It's not like we notice them amongst all the side nonsense anyway.

  • And what's with charging people so much to sit on the side of the sidebar. Someone explain this to me. I've never paid for a sponsorship. I'm not against it but I also don't see why people need to charge so much. All the sweet tea I could buy with that money.

  • If I want to follow you on your other social media sites I will. Stop trying to make fetch happen via giveaways and such. It ain't work in Mean Girl and it won't work in blogland.

  • What's with callin' your significant other Hubs? STAHP it. It doesn't make you look cuter. If he doesn't want his name posted then maybe you shouldn't be posting about him. Ask him what "code name" he wants to go by. But for the love of my reading stop with hubs and hubby.

  • Calling your animals fur baby or yourself a fur momma is stupid. End of discussion. My best friend did it on FB and she has been put on notice. 

  • Stop giving your followers stupid pet names. As a follower I do not like it. 

  • Why are about me sections written in third person? We all know it is you writing it. Unless you are running a business STAHP! We know it's your own little corner of the interwebs and your are trying to get through this crazy thing called life. You don't need to remind us via your about me section. 

  • That brings me to my last point. Write about whatever you want. Godforbid you deviate from the "Lifestyle Blogger Schedule" Once in a while. Write how you see it and what you feel and the fans will come along the way. Also, stop trying to be more Southern etc. I'm convinced that some people "set up pictures." How is it your title is one thing but then your post NEVER reflect that. False advertisement and I want my reading back.

Welp, those are a few of my blogging pet peeves. What are yours? 
Yes, I say ain't, STAHP and y'all a lot. Miss me with the complaints.
As my sister always says, " you throw a rock in the crowd and the first one it hits gonna holler."

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  1. Haha, nice one! I actually caught myself doing one or two things on your rant-list.
    But here comes my question, how do you e-mail reply to someone's comment to you? Because I can understand that people don't read it, I just don't get how it works.


  2. Wow, that's quite the list! haha. I think I might be guilty of one or two, but for the most part--you are spot on!! My favorite is people who say they are fur mommies or whatever, that gets under my skin!!

  3. the google+ one annoys me too.I think it's like no-reply where the blogger is legitimately clueless though.I am snickering at your "glass of something" though since you say the same thing in every post...just non-alcoholic. ;)
    But yes,most if these are true and slightly humorous. STOP ALL THE CONFORMITY!

  4. Great rant but i have to be honest i almost choked laughing when i a saw that second photo as a mum with kids. I thought it was hilarious! x

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  5. Well..I keep trying to find something for my wordpress blog in order to do email comments and I can't get them to work. I must be using the outdated ones or something. I just can't figure it out. lol. But yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you said! :D

  6. I died laughing reading this, and I am guilty of the no-response thing/replying to comments on my blog, BUT I DIDN'T KNOW!!! I just found out about the email thing TODAY! I can't take it when people are constantly saying hubs or hubby either...I want to yank my hair out. JUST SAY HIS NAME!

  7. That's a true rant!

    p.s I respond via email where I can but most of the people in my country are no-reply bloggers. I don't know why, but they are.

    Thanks for letting me know of the search bar, I never really saw the point of it. Will give it a go though.

  8. This was funny. A lot of this hits close to home for me.. My first laugh for the day.

  9. An entertaining rant that didn't get me all worked up at you back. PERFECT.

    Yes to no-reply commenters and "20 somethings" and hubs (even though I fall into it sometimes. whoooops.) and pretty much everything else.

    I had a list going, but then was nodding my head so much I lost track. :)

  10. Hm, it seems like a lot of Bloggers are ranting about the No Reply Comment in their blogs as well. Sad how the platform hasn't changed that despite all of the complaints. And yes blogging is about the content, not stupid giveaways.

  11. I love this post!! So much is so true (like the sponsor part - really?) but yes, I am guilty of some of your peeves.
    Thanks for the entertaining read.

  12. love this, you are too funny. no reply comment bloggers make me sad. i don't drink wine often but a beer, now your talking.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh girl, you are cracking me UP! Ok, so I do call my cat my fur baby on occasion. And I don't write a thing that has to do with Whiskey or Tango. :) Love your blog, you keep doing what you are doing!

  14. Tell it like it is! You should totally put together a quidebook for blogging. I can't stand the word "hubs" either- and hubster is even worse!

    I'll admit, though, Google+ confuses me. Maybe you can enlighten us.

  15. This is hilarious! And thanks to you, I just realized I was a dreaded no-reply blogger... yikes! I fixed that right away - thanks!

  16. HA! Awesome :) I contemplated leaving a comment with all the taboos in it, hehe!

    I've never heard anyone claim the 'Mason-Dixon line' but now I'm SO on the lookout for it! And I definitely agree... SEARCH BARS PEOPLE!!

  17. This rant is awesome! The only mason Dixon line I have heard about is in the Brantley Gilbert song GRITS. Must be a back east or south thing.

  18. Oh my gosh I TOTALLY get the 20 something thing! What is that even? I don't get it.

  19. And all the blog awards go to you!

  20. the Amanda Bynes complex line made me spit my water out. This was my fav. post to date. love it

  21. I had to google what the heck you meant by STAHP....I am not into the text speaking business and I had no clue that your were just saying STOP. That is one of my rants. Why can't people just say what they mean???? Love your blog

  22. HAHAHAH these are GREAT!

    LOVE THE STAHP!!!! xoxo

  23. I loved this! I think some of my pet peeves are very similar to yours! I HATE when people write in cliches: "I'm just a 20-something finding my way through this crazy thing called life" For the love of goodness, STOP SAYING THAT. Nothing will make me stop reading your blog faster than reading those words in your bio.

    And I have zero qualms about putting my husband's name in my blog. I put my own name, it's not like his has to be private. However, I do refer to him as the hubs or hubby to give variation to my writing. I'm not going to say "Clayton" 18 times in one post because it sounds redundant.

    And pretty much every health and wellness blogger has gotten on my last nerve. We get it, you worked out today. Geeze.

  24. This is hilarious! I was laughing out loud on my couch like a fool! I think I'm guilty of a few of these but they're all so annoying!

  25. I like that you aren't a carbon copy of every other blogger out there, which happen to be a combination of the things you ranted about, ha ha. It's easy to get caught up in the "blog culture" but we really do lose our true identity when we're trying to fit a mold.

  26. SOoooooo glad that I went back and decided to catch up on your posts cause this one is great! I hate the yellow, too. Pretty much any color that nobody can read. So annoying. And I might start saying "I want my reading back" thanks to this! LOVE it!

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